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"Seems our little emissary Luci is successfully corrupting Tianbeanie's mind and soul."

Rebecca (or Becky), also known as the Enchantress, is a Maruvian princess and sorceress who serves her younger brother, Emperor Cloyd, the ruler of Maru. She is also the younger sister of Dagmar, the older sister of Jerry, and the maternal aunt of the Princess Bean.


Becky wears a dark orange dress and lighter orange cape which matches her very long red hair. She wears long red gloves with matching eye mask, a golden headdress and necklace complete with gemstones.

In "The Pitter-Patter of Little Feet", she transfers her consciousness into a wooden puppet.


Becky is a powerful magician capable of summoning demons, such as Luci. She controls the Oracle Fire which grants the power of remote viewing and spell-casting - the ability to see events in faraway lands. Despite this, Dagmar says that Becky and Cloyd couldn't mix a fruit cocktail, let alone a formula as complicated as the Stoneification Potion.

She prefers to go by Rebecca.


Along with Cloyd, Becky is responsible for the invention of the Infernal Amplifier potion which they used in the Destruction of Cremorrah.

The two have been in league with their older sister Queen Dagmar since childhood. Together they destroyed Cremorrah and plot to destroy or conquer Dreamland as well. In Season 1, Becky watches Bean through the Oracle Fire. She and Cloyd also send Luci to Bean as a wedding gift to corrupt her for their cause. They also appear to be after the secret of the Elixer of Life, just like King Zøg, likely so they can undo the petrification of Dagmar.

She, Cloyd and Jerry first meet Bean in person in The Disenchantress when Dagmar, following her revival from being petrified, brings Bean to Maru. There, the three reveal their plan to have Bean wear the ritual crown as part of their plan to unlock the magic of Dreamland. Bean however manages to escape them and in the process causes a huge explosion in the room Becky, Cloyd and Dagmar where in when she drops a candle in a combustable liquid.

Becky survives the explosion, but is not seen again until Goon Baby Goon, where it is revealed she and Cloyd took over Dreamland while Bean and Zog were both gone. They use the arms of Prudence to turn the citizens of Dreamland into their loyal subjects named Goons. Bean and Zog are able to defeat the two and force them to flee the castle. To continue their work in secret, the two first fake their death by pretending to flee in the escape pod from The Compensator, while in reality they were never in the escape pod to begin with. They then head for the local ventriloquist dummy store and transfer their consciousness into two wooden puppets. This allows them to enter the castle unseen. They team up with Freckles and capture Bean and Zog, but the two escape with help of Lucy and Elfo. Bean chases the now puppet Cloyd and Becky deeper into the castle, but is forced to give up the chase when they enter a tunnel that is too narrow for her.

In "Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Spy", they try to capture Luci in a bottle, but Miri interveres and, using Luci as weapon, chases them out of the castle, into the Sea of Dreamland.

Following these events, Becky and Cloyd return to Maru. They are last seen in The Stience of Homemade Lightning when Zog and Bean also end up in Maru in a hot air balloon they stole in Steamland. After Cloyd and Becky shoot the balloon down, Bean is found by Prudence and the crones, who learn her to control her magic. With more control over her powers now, Bean confronts Cloyd and Becky, who have taken Zog prisoner. She closes the gate to hell and extinguishes the Oracle Fire, but not before sending Cloyd and Becky to Dreamland through the Oracle Fire first. They end up in the throne room of Dreamland Castle, where Bad Bean and Dagmar immediately kill them by throwing them both in the fire place.


Becky, as her title indicates, is a enchantress and a fairly powerful one, being responsible for the summoning of Luci to manipulate Bean.


  • Becky likes dark things; from magic to chairs.
  • Becky likes Highballs (and other alcoholic beverages).
  • Like her brother, Cloyd, Becky doesn't love children.
  • Bean called her aunt by name.
  • Her appearance in red, affinity with seeing things in fire and using magic to influence events makes her character similar to that of Melisandre, the Red Woman in Game of Thrones.



Enchantress: And so the demonic binding begins...
Emperor Cloyd: Yes - our emissary will steer her towards the darkness.
Enchantress: It may take months - even years.
Emperor Cloyd: So we'll need chairs.
Enchantress: Dark chairs.

Enchantress: It's fire Cloyd - it's hot.
Emperor Cloyd: I know - I was there.

Enchantress: Seems our little emissary Luci is successfully corrupting Tianbeanies's mind and soul.
Jerry: Oh - is this the one where the cat and the elf are fwends?