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The Sacred goo is a pink liquid that the Trøgs have been protecting for a long time and is made out of their brains. At some point, it is supposed to give power to the Savior.


Look and abilities[]

The goo is a pink to dark red sticky liquid which is stored in amphorae.

The Goo is capable of reanimating decapitated corpses; something the Trøgs did to Luci and Bad Bean. However, this does not return soul to the body.

Any Elf that drinks the Goo becomes a Trøg; something Leavo found out the hard way.

It can also be used as fuel, since Alva Gunderson had the Trøgs use it to power up his rocket.


The Goo is made from the brains of Trøgs, which they removed from their heads at some point to gain full immortality.

The Elves have been searching for the goo for years. This was also the main task of Leavo. As it turns out, the goo turns Elves into Trøgs. Which consequently are one and the same. The goo is called: "The very thing" by the Elves. The Goo is magical and no one knows exactly what it does to those who drink it. There are only four known beings who have tasted it.

The Trøgs believe that it will give the Savior enough strength to face their worst enemy: Dagmar. After they gave it to Bean, they mentioned that she would need more now. So it's addictive. The goo is stored in a chamber in their underground tunnel system.

Love's Slimy Embrace[]

Derek falls down a stone troop with his friend Elfo, making a hole in the wall. Behind the wall is the room with the amphorae in which the goo is. Derek takes one of the amphorae and feeds it to Slimy.

Subterranen Homesick Blues[]

Bean is sneaking through Trøgtown when she finds the room with the amphorae. She opens one of the bottles and smells it. When she hears a noise from outside, she knocks over some of the amphorae. She puts all but one back in place and hides behind the door. Three Trøgs come in, including Yugo. They continue to bring amphorae into the storeroom. Yugo notices that the bottle has fallen over, he picks up the goo with his finger and puts it back into the amphora. After that they disappear.

Love is Hell[]

The Trøgs fill Luci's dead, headless body with the goo. First a drop to see if it moves. Then a whole load.

Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy[]

The Elves meet the Trøgs. Leavo distracts the trogs to grab an amphora full of goo. When he tries to drink from it the leader of the Trøgs says: "No, you fool. It's not what you want, it's what you deserve!" Leavo drinks it anyway and turns into a Trøg.

The goo - bye girl[]

One Trøg says: "For only the one true savior can use the ultimate power of the goo" The Trogs demand that Bean give Elfo the goo, otherwise the Trøgs will kill them both. Bean and Elfo are then rescued by Luci. During the escape, Bean destroys one of the amphorae.

Electric Ladyland][]

The Trøgs use the Goo to reanimated the decapitated body of Bad Bean, allowing it to hunt down Elfo.

Goodbye Bean[]

Alva Gunderson has the Trøgs fuel his rocket with the goo that he might fly towards the Moon. However, when he demanded the Trøgs capture Bean, in a manner of poetic justice, they instead bound him in the sack meant for her and the rocket launches into space with Alva, the Arch-Druidess and the Trøgs.

People who drank the goo and were granted abilities[]

  • Slimy: Turned him into a giant octopus
  • Luci: Brought Luci's dead body back to life and it gave him wings.
  • Leavo: Turned into a Trøg
  • Bean: Was able to catch Bad Bean in her dreams
  • Bad-Bean: Reanimated her headless dead body, and made it practically indestructible to any attempts to dispose of her.
  • Alva Gunderson: used the Goo as fuel for his Rocket