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Sagatha is a minor recurring character in Disenchantment. She is a magical fairy that lived in the Enchanted Forest who is implied to be a trick dealer or prostitute. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.


She has the appearance of an older Tinker Bell, with a blonde conical hairstyle, pointy ears, wings, a green dress and boots. She is old and hagged, with floppy breasts. It is subtly indicated that she is a prostitute.


She has a small role in directing Bean, Elfo and Luci towards The Washmaster in episode one. She accidentally mislead them by telling them she knew a Wishmaster who could help Bean with her dream of being free and to be in charge of her own destiny.

She plays a significant role in "Beanie Get Your Gun", when she finds Prince Derek who is stuck in a trap in the Enchanted Forest, and frees him. She takes him to Fairyland where she, Roxanne, Snarla and Karly help Derek man up and become less of a pushover. The lessons pay off, and in the process Derek falls in love with Sagatha. Upon returning to Dreamland Castle, he asks her to marry him, and she agrees. However, the ceremony is interrupted when the Arch-Druidess reveals herself to be a traitor working for Steamland, and tries to kill Bean. She is thwarted, but the wedding is cancelled indefinately afterwards.

In "The Battle of Falling Water", she leads a group of faries in the fight against Queen Dagmar's forces.


Cultural References[]


  • Her name is most likely a pun for sagging due to her age and the female name Agatha.
  • According to her, a trick is something prostitutes do for money.
  • Elfo watered her plants while she was in rehab.
  • Her companion fairies are Roxanne, Karly and Snarla.
  • When Derek asks her to marry him, she responds that she has married worse, proving Derek is not her first lover.
  • She is a similar character to Petunia from Futurama, both being elderly prostitutes voiced by Tress MacNeille.


Fairy: Hey there, I haven't seen you guys in this tree before - you lookin' for a good time?
Bean: A fairy? Maybe she can help us. Do you do magic?
Fairy: Sure, I've done a trick or two. What do you have in mind?
Fairy: Your organs know how to party.