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Satan is the King of Hell, the current husband of Dagmar and the step-father of Bean.


Long ago, the ruler of Maru made a deal with Satan in exchange for the hand of marriage of the queen of Dreamland. He also made a deal with Alva Gunderson, providing the steam the fuels Steamland from hell.

Dagmar, working to make good on the deal ("The infernal debt shall be repaid by marriage of the Queen of Dreamland to the King of Hell."), attempted to force Bean, who had recently become Queen due to Zøg's deteriorating mental state, to marry him. Upon first meeting Satan, Bean attempt to use reverse psychology in order to make him lose interest in her, but Dagmar figures out her plan and thwarts it. At the ceremony, Satan cuts his palm open with a ceremonial knife and signs the marriage contract with a bloody handprint. When it's Bean's turn, she manages to cut Dagmar's hand and place it on the contract instead. As Dagmar was a Queen of Dreamland, the contract was valid and she was officially married to Satan.

After Bad Bean contacted Dagmar for her to come to Dreamland, the couple of newlyweds arrives by an elevator who replaced the stairs leading to the secret laboratory of Dagmar in the castle of Dreamland. Satan is obliged to carry the bags and reflect to Bean, when they hug per Dagmar's orders, that he does not appreciate his new marriage because Dagmar is very authoritative with him.


  • Satan has had 49'999 wives before Dagmar but it is unknown what happened to them.
  • Satan can cause his eyes to hypnotically swirl on command. Bean and Alva both compare his eyes to spinning beachballs.
  • His face is on some bottles of hot sauce that appear in Alva's office and also in the candy cart from Pops.
  • His slender and muscular appearance seems to be an illusion because when he passes in front of a mirror, we see him with a different appearance, he is overweight, doesn't wear clothes like Asmodium but has no wings.