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Satan, also known as The Devil or Baphomet, Diablo, Asmodeus, Lucifer is the King of Hell, the current husband of Dagmar and the stepfather of Bean.


Satan looks like a slender and muscular build demonic creature with black hair, a goatee and a moustache. He dresses in a suit with tie. However, his relatively handsome appearance is an illusion; in his real form, which can be seen in mirrors, he is overweight and doesn't wear clothes except for a hat and some tattered shorts. In this form he looks like Asmodium but has no wings.


For the ruler of Hell and supposedly the ultimate evil, Satan is relatively easy going and affably.


Just like God, Satan is likely as old as the universe. In the past he fought both God and The Other God, and eventually became ruler of Hell. He invented many bad things to torment humans, including dating apps and the act of ripping off a band aid.

Over the years, he married 49'999 wives, but it is unknown what happened to them. 9000 Years ago, he fathered Luci with an unknown woman, but never told Luci he was his father.

Some time before the start of the series, the ruler of Maru made a deal with Satan in exchange for the hand of marriage of the queen of Dreamland. He also made a deal with Alva Gunderson, providing the steam the fuels Steamland from hell.

Satan is first seen in the series in "Love is Hell", when Queen Dagmar is working to make good on the deal her family has with Maru. She has arranged for Bean to become queen of Dreamland following Zøg's deteriorating mental state,, and now wants to force her to marry Satan. Upon first meeting Satan, Bean attempt to use reverse psychology in order to make him lose interest in her, but Dagmar figures out her plan and thwarts it. At the ceremony, Satan cuts his palm open with a ceremonial knife and signs the marriage contract with a bloody handprint. When it's Bean's turn, she realizes that technically Dagmar is also still Queen of Dreamland and that the marriage contract can thus also apply to her. At the last moment, she cuts Dagmar's hand and places it on the contract instead. Dagmar thus ends up marrying Satan, much to the latters dismay.

As Satans wife, Dagmar quickly proof herself more evil than her husband. After Bad Bean contacts Dagmar for her to come to Dreamland, the couple of newlyweds arrive in Dreamland Castle by an elevator that replaced the stairs leading to the secret laboratory of Dagmar in the castle of Dreamland. Satan is obliged to carry the bags and reflect to Bean, when they hug per Dagmar's orders, that he does not appreciate his new marriage because Dagmar is very authoritative with him. By the end of "Bean Falls Apart", Dagmar and Satan are ruling Dreamland.

At the start of "Heads or Tails", the new rulers introduce themselves to their subjects, but Satan accidentally blows his introduction when he refers to Dreamland as Steamland.

Since Bean managed to decapitate Bad Bean, Dagmar and Satan interrogate everyone who might know where Bad Bean's body is hidden. Satan interrogates Luci, and finally reveals to the demon that they are father and son. Luci is thrilled to have met his father, but does not give up Bad Bean's body. Later, after the body is found but now the head of Bad Bean has gone missing, Satan again tries to interrogate Luci, this time through hypnosis. Luci however is unaffected and instead lures Satan to the room where Stan keeps all of his severed heads, knowing Satan hates severed heads. He tricks Satan into climbing on one of the shelves, and then knocks it down.

After Bad Bean is fully restored to life and Dagmar sets out with her to finally unlock the magic of Dreamland, Satan stays behind in the castle. Luci confronts him there and calls him out for allowing Dagmar to turn him into a henpecked husband. Satan does not act on this however. He does not participate in the battle at the Crystal Cavern between Dagmar's soldiers and Bean's resistance army. After the battle is over, Dagmar orders Satan to come to the Crystal Cavern with her to use his hypnosis on the Ogres that are guarding the cave and order them to leave. Satan does as he is told.

Not long after this, Satan finally decides that enough is enough and goes down to the crystal cavern again to give Dagmar a piece of his mind. He arrives just in time to see her kill Luci. This is the last straw for Satan, who up till now had been trying to make the marriage work. He abandons Dagmar and returns to Hell.

After Dagmar is defeated, depowered and left trapped in the cave impaled by a crystal, Satan appears before her and offers her to come back to hell with him. Dagmar instead orders him to send her to a place where she will never be bothered again by him, Bean or anyone. Satan spitefully grants her wish by locking her alongside Freckles in the hanging cage near the cliff of Dreamland castle for eternity.

In his last scene, Satan performs an act of kindness to repay Bean and Luci for helping free him of Dagmar. He strikes Bean, Mora and Luci's names from the Book of the Dead, ensuring they go and stay in heaven.

Powers and abilities[]

Satan's main power seems to be hypnosis, which he uses several times over the series. However, most people he tries it on are too strong willed to be controlled in this manner. Only Queen Grogda and her Ogres were affected by it.

He shows more powers at the end of "Goodbye Bean" when he teleports Dagmar to her cage, and then vanishes from the Crystal Cavern himself.


  • Satan can cause his eyes to hypnotically swirl on command. Bean and Alva both compare his eyes to spinning beachballs.
  • His face is on some bottles of hot sauce that appear in Alva's office and also in the candy cart from Pops.