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Scruffles is a talking cat, first seen in "Freak Out!".


Scruffles is a rather chubby, black male cat. His belly is a darker shade of black than the rest of his fur.


Scruffles is quite a snarker, and not afraid to speak his mind. He also loves to make up tall tales to impress people. In his debute episode, he claimed to be next in line for king of cats, but had to "vamoose."


It is unknown when Scruffles came to Dreamland or why he can talk. What is known is that a year prior to the events of "The Battle of Falling Water", Satan threw Scruffles down a well but felt sorry for him and rescued the cat.

When he first appears in Freak Out!, King Zøg is descending into madness and thinks Luci is his cat. He thus forces Luci to take a walk with him through the city. When Luci sees Scruffles and realizes he's an actual talking cat, he forcefully makes Scruffles switch places with him. Scruffles is thus taken back to Dreamland Castle, where Zøg discovers the switch but quickly takes a liking to Scruffles, mainly because Luci kept accusing Zøg of being mad. Despite being forced into this role against his will, Scruffles also takes a liking to his new job as the royal cat, and quickly manages to charm everyone in the castle with his tall tales. Much to Luci's dismay. That night, Scruffles is sleeping in a cat basket next to Zøg's bed, when Luci picks up his basket and empties Scruffles to Vip and Vap's room.

Scruffles remains in the castle for the remainder of the series. In "Bad Moon Rising", he has even been given a crown. He casually mentions that he is in the mood for shish kababs and some baba ghanoush, later Scruffles sits at Sorcerio's table and watches Odval and Sorcerio discuss their plan.

After Queen Dagmar and Satan take over the castle, Scruffles is frequently seen in the Throne room with them, with Dagmar actually liking his company. Scruffles wastes no chance to make snarky remarks about Satan.

At the end of "Goodbye Bean", when God decides to let cats into Heaven again, Scruffles is among them for some reason. It is unknown how he died.