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The Sea Trøgs are a fish-like species that live in the Sea of Dreamland.


The Sea Trøgs live in the Sea of Dreamland, in the water under the Dreamland Castle in the sunken annex. Unlike the Trøgs, the Sea Trøgs are very rich because they possess all the wealth of sunken ships. They consider these treasures to be gifts of the water. They administer parasites to guests and prisoners so that they serve as a breeding ground for further parasites. They try the same with Bean, Zog, Elfo and Luci.

The Sea Trøgs are unable to go ashore because they would dry out completely up there. Just like the parasites. It is unclear if the parasites are actually young Sea Trøgs or not, or whether Sea Trøgs are related to Trøgs in the way Elves are.

Known Sea Trogs

  • Queen Rashi