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Sir Pendergast was a Knight of the Zøg Table and seems to be the leader of them, if not the most skilled.

He was killed by the Arch-Druidess, with his head put on display on a spike (Which traumatized King Zøg greatly).


Pendergast is average height with a muscular build. He normally wears his armor and has an eye patch over his right eye, which he lost after an intoxicated King Zøg thew a spoon at him. He has long brown hair and stubble.


Pendergast has a righteous but sarcastic personality. He follows orders and is a brave warrior. He carelessly sends his knights to their death and doesn't show any remorse, as shown when Mortimer the Expendable got killed in the the Cave of the Single Trap which Pendergast saw as safe to enter.


His services to King Zog aren't entirely clear but he has definitely been on a few quests:

  • He is a possible veteran of the Lemon Crusades, which are alluded to but not shown.
  • He was sent with Prince Merkimer, Mertz, and Turbish to return Bean after she ran away.
  • He was sent to retrieve Elfo's fake girlfriend by Princess Bean. They travelled over the Unpassable Mountains and captured a giant named Tess, who fitted the description invented by Elfo. 
  • He lead the Crusade to find the Eternity Pendant. A mission he and his men failed due to Big Jo and Porky.
  • He lead the attack on Elfwood with the goal being to capture an elf for their magic blood. This quest failed due to Elfo and Bean's involvement. One of his knights did manage to kill Elfo, however.


  • He has a crush on Bean and expressed interest on courting her, although Bean doesn't reciprocate.
    • Despite this crush, he had no qualms about accusing her of helping the "dragon man".