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Sir Turbish is a Knight of the Zøg Table, and is usually in the company of fellow knight Sir Mertz. Pendergast did not consider him to be a very good knight.

His horse and its saddle were eaten and later regurgitated by Tess, and he got revenge by shooting her with a flaming arrow, (right when Pendergast told him that his horse is still alive) which caused her to accidentally go on a rampage.


Turbish appears as an overweight, balding man in knight's armor. He has blond hair. He also has a notable foreign accent, sounding like a combination of French with German. Sometimes he loses his articles and messes up his verbs, such as when saying "I have theory: maybe they go up" As opposed to "I have a theory: maybe they went up."


"Edgar the fearless is now Edgar the headless."

"Stay cool! Never change! Have a great summer!"

"Pendergast give to me, now I give to you!"

"I have come to kill the big lady who through me off a cliff and ate my horse."

"We won't get tired this time."


  • He was thrown off a mountain by Tess the giantess in Love's Tender Rampage, and miraculously survived.
  • He along with Mertz, are Pendergast's second-best trackers.
  • He has his own room in the Dreamland dark ride attraction; something King Zøg didn't understand why.
  • He is the last character to speak in the series.