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Sorcerio is a wizard who served as a scientific advisor on both natural and magical matters to King Zøg of Dreamland, and later Derek and Bean during their respective rules. He is a member of the Seekers, and the husband of Odval.


Sorcerio is a wizened old man, despite claiming to be in his early thirties, with grey eyebrows and hair in lightning-flash points. He wears an indigo robe, crimson cape, grey gloves, and a purple dunce hat decorated with gold stars.


Sorcerio studied magic at the same wizarding school (or wizarding community college as he calls it) as Grindl, but flunked out before completing his training. By his own admission he flunked because he was overworked due to his side job as a golf caddy. Hence he is a rather incompetent wizard; something that becomes clear in the first episode when he is thrilled to see Elfo as he can now move on from mere card tricks to actual magic. His own mother never had high hopes of him becoming a wizard, as she claimed he did not have the magic in him. Despite his incompetence, Sorcerio managed to become the offical court magician of the House of Grunkwitz after he was hired as a magician for Bean's 8th birthday party, during which the children threw him in the dungeon. He also joined the Seekers at some point prior to the start of the show, and got into a relationship with Odval.

At the start of the series, Sorcerio is thus the head wizard within the Dreamland Castle, and is the leading expert on magic, alchemy, and other forms of occult sciences. He works in a laboratory in a tower, which contains specimens in jars, skeletons of varying kinds, on-going experiments, and a large piece of lodestone. Despite his credentials, Sorcerio displays little practical knowledge of science, and is much more favorable to superstition and baseless experimentation. Although highly esteemed in Dreamland, his closest associates such as Odval and Zøg are well aware of his incompetence. However, he is still considered to be the most knowledgeable in Dreamland, and so is irreplaceable in Zøg's staff.

In the first season, after Elfo first shows up in Dreamland, Sorcerio conducts many experiments on him in order to harvest his blood for the Elixir of Life, but none of his attempts are successful. He does manage to create a potion that turned Prince Merkimer into a pig, a shampoo that made a regular horse into Laughing Horse, and a Truth Serum. Eventually though, it is revealed that his failures are also in large part due to Elfo not being a full blood elf but a half-Ogre.

In the second part of the season it becomes clear Sorcerio is a leading member of the castle's secret society, The Seekers, along with Odval and the Archdruidess. He assists in the society's plans to overthrow Zøg, but has a much more minor role. After Zøg is accidentally shot by Bean with a gun, Sorcerio tries to treat the wound, but his incompetence combined with the fact that nobody in Dreamland has ever seen a gun means his attempts are unsuccessful. His idea of a treatment is to putting live, clean rats on Zøgs body, with the reasoning behind it being that if dirty rats make people sick, clean rats should do the opposite. It is unknown whether he intended harm or was just deluded about his medical expertise. In "Bad Moon Rising", he agrees with the archdruidess that assassinating Zøg was the best course of action to facilitate the Seekers' takeover of Dreamland.

Eventually, Zøg recovers, and Sorcerio never faces a comeuppance for what he did.

In "Goon Baby Goon", Sorcerio reveals that he has been helping Cloyd and Becky turn the Dreamlanders into goons. He says that he told them he was an all-powerful wizard, but he's actually a fraud. Most of his science equipment was rented from a Halloween shop. Nevertheless, Cloyd and Becky kept him around. When Bean and Zøg return to Dreamland with Jerry, Cloyd and Becky are driven away from the castle and Jerry becomes Sorcerio's new intern.

In "The Pitter-Patter of Little Feet", Odval orders Sorcerio to dispose of Freckles, the ventriloquist dummy that Zøg used when he was at the height of his madness. Freckles, who is secretly alive, convinces Sorcerio not to destroy him by pretending to be his conscience. Instead, Sorcerio decides to bring Freckles to life to please Zøg and prove his abilities as a wizard, not knowing that Freckles is already alive due to Queen Dagmar. Freckles thus allows Sorcerio to perform his experiment and let him think it worked so he no longer has to pretend to be a regular dummy.

In season 3, after Dagmar and Satan take over Dreamland, Miri, Luci and Elfo seek out Sorcerio to help them get rid of the decapitated body of Bad Bean. Sorcerio offers to use his acid bath, only to find out that the bath is empty because the acid was so strong it ate through the tub and the floors below. After Bean and Zøg return from their mission to Steamland, Sorcerio, along with the other Seekers, joins them in the fight against Queen Dagmar's forces outside the Crystal Cavern.

When Dagmar successfully unleashes the magic of Dreamland and it begins to spread through the kingdom, Sorcerio accidentally brings the decapitated heads of both Sir Pendergast and his mom back to life with the magic infused water.

After Dagmar is defeated and Miri becomes queen, Bean and Mora decide to get married, but elope just before the ceremony. Instead, Odval and Sorcerio take their place and get married.


Sorcerio is a fairly easygoing man. He is more emotional than his colleagues, Odval and the Archdruidess, and also far less adept at planning. He is very vain and overconfident about his magical skills, implying that he considers himself the best medical care in the kingdom in "Tiabeanie Falls". Sorcerio is also very superstitious and prejudiced, being afraid of Bean when she is accused of being a witch and participating in the mass panic around Sky Gunderson's various technological advancements.

Like the rest of the Seekers, he is very sexually promiscuous, although he is only shown to be romantically involved with Odval.


  • His wizard's hat is really a dunce hat with stars stuck on to it.
  • He claims to be 31 years old despite appearing as an old man.
  • In "Beanie Get Your Gun", it is revealed that he and Odval attend couple's therapy.
  • He is voiced by Billy West who voices Philip J Fry from Futurama.


"We can spout crazy theories all day, but science suggests a more logical explanation: that Bean is possessed by a demon!"

Sorcerio: Alas, the demon remains even after the application of all three sciences.
King Zøg: All three? Even smoke?
Sorcerio: Indeed. We scholars like to think science has all the answers but in the end it's all unprovable nonsense.
Queen Oona: So now what?
Sorcerio: I suggest something based more in reality: religious magic.

"Eye of newt, tail of newt...rest of newt and blood of elf!"

"I flunked out due to overwork. It's so hard being a wizard and a golf caddy at the same time."