Sorcerio is a wizard serving as an adviser to King Zøg of Dreamland in his castle. He is also a member of the Seekers secret society, and is the friend and lover of Odval.


Sorcerio is a wizened old man with grey eyebrows and hair in lightening-flash points. He wears an indigo robe, crimson cape, grey gloves, and a purple hat decorated with gold stars.


Sorcerio's role is that of wizard (or alchemist to be more precise). Using his knowledge of the 3 sciences, he is responsible for the extraction of elf blood and the formulation of the Elixir of Life for King Zog. He is unsuccessful, instead created a truth serum and a laughing horse.


Sorcerio works in a laboratory in the King's castle. The lab contains specimens in jars, skeletons of varying kinds, on-going experiments (such as sentient carrots), flasks containing unknown fluids as well as bunsen burners (anachronistic) and a large piece of lodestone.


As well as being a member of the Royal Court, Sorcerio is a member of the secret society known as the Seekers. They certainly do not perform religious sex magic rituals.

Cultural References

  • Alchemy: the precursor to science, associated with mages and wizards.
  • Ouroboros: the snake eating it's own tail, a symbol of immortality/eternity/cyclical phenomena.
  • Lodestone: the mineral which lead to the discovery of magnetism.


  • His wizard's hat is really a dunce hat with stars stuck on to it.


"We can spout crazy theories all day but science suggests a more logical explanation: that Bean is possessed by a demon!"

Sorcerio: "Alas, the demon remains even after the application of all three sciences."
King Zog: "All three? Even smoke?"
Sorcerio: "Indeed. We scholars like to think science has all the answers but in the end it's all unprovable nonsense."
Queen Oona: "So now what?"
Sorcerio: "I suggest something based more in reality: religious magic."

"Eye of newt, tail of of newt and blood of elf!"

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