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Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Spy is the eighth episode of season 2, Part 2 of Disenchantment and the 38th episode overall. It premiered on February 9, 2022.


Ordered to spy on the elves, Elfo is captured and forced to spy on the Trøgs - who see through his disguise and return him to spy on the humans.


Zøg carries Jasper on his shoulders back to Dreamland. Arriving at the castle gate, a long line of villagers is waiting there. They all want to get into the castle to see Bean. Page boy directs Zøg to the end of the line. In the throne room, Bean asks how many are waiting in the queue today. According to Elfo, there are about a thousand. They are talking about lunch, Elfo wants egg salad and Luci wants a single three meter long noodle. When Odval wants to get serious, Luci makes fun of him. Next in line are King Rulo and the elves. They ask Bean to let them have the castle because it is getting too crowded in Elf Alley. Bean, Elfo and Luci confer behind the throne. Bean wonders if the elves know that the castle originally belonged to them. Elfo wants Bean to do the right thing and give them the castle. Bean does not want to give the castle. Angry, the elves leave the castle.

Bean talks to the next person. Sam Buca. Denise, his wife, has left him because Bean is always flirting with him. She vigorously denies this. Zøg comes into the throne room and introduces Bean to her new brother. She tells him two things he needs to know about her. He then asks her if she is a giant squirrel. Zøg and Jasper leave the throne room at Bean's request. At night, Zøg wants to tuck Japer in, but he doesn't know the principle of sleeping every night and resists. Zøg tells him that he wants to be a better father. Jasper is lying in Derek's bed with Derek. Zøg blows out the night candle and leaves the room. Derek pulls the covers off Jasper and the two have a brief argument. Snarla gets involved too. Bean just sends all the rats out of her room, she closes the door behind her. She squats on the bed and brushes off her shoes, she can't get her right shoe off. Despite the boot on her right foot, she covers up and goes to sleep.  She blows out the candle on her nightstand, turns twice and begins to sleep.

In the dream, she hears a knock on her door and a woman calls her name and asks her to open the dream door. Bean lights the candle and half asleep she opens the door. Standing in the hallway are all her enemies, including the Arch-Druidess, Alva, Cloyd, Big Jo, Porky, Skybert and Freckles. Threateningly they come towards her, Bean hastily goes back to her room and closes the door behind her. In her room the elves are standing, they want to drive her out of the castle because it rightfully belongs to them. King Rulo asks Jesto to pull a lever that triggers a trapdoor under Bean's feet. Bean falls down in a spiral from the castle wall. Down to a black nothing. She lands in the water, Roger and a jellyfish swim past her. King Dripo appears and asks her to leave the ocean because it belongs to them. Bean swims up, above her numerous figures swim in a line. Among them are Trøgs, Sea-Trøgs and elves. As she tries to reach the surface of the water, she keeps colliding with the figures. In the turmoil of Trøgs and elves, Bean suddenly recognizes Mora who orders her to wake up. With water on her face, Bean wakes up. The water in her face is from Bunty who has poured a bucket of water on her face. With her shoes on, Bean trudges out of her room, the rats returning. The night before, she sent them out the door. Outside her door, as the day before, is a long line consisting of the residents of Dreamland. Annoyed, she walks past the queue. She finally arrives at the throne room where Elfo and Luci are already waiting for her. She holds a meeting with them behind the throne. She tells them about her crazy dream and because the elves were the most disturbing thing about it, Bean wants Elfo to spy among the elves to find out how much they know about her past. Reluctantly he agrees, but only if he is allowed to disguise himself.

Jasper lies on Derek's bed and nibbles his foot. Derek, along with Snarla, is sewing a ribbon onto a piece of outerwear. Jasper wants to know from Derek where to find the garbage, because he is hungry and wants to eat something. In response, Derek insults him. Jasper threatens Derek with eating his girlfriend. He already has her in his mouth. She pushes his mouth open from the inside. She wants Derek to show Jasper the same as she shows him. How to become a real hard man. Snarla flies out of Jasper's mouth. Derek picks up a stuffed bear with a crown from the floor of his room and hits Jasper with it in an uncoordinated way. The latter also picks up a stuffed animal from the floor, a pig, and hits Derek with it. When Derek tries to hit him in the face, Jasper tears Derek's stuffed animal. He throws himself on top of him and the two begin to wrestle. Derek pushes Jasper off of him, who lands near the bed. He pulls out a morning star from under the bed, starts swinging it, and walks menacingly towards Derek with it. He drives him out of his room. Outside, Derek takes an axe from the wall to defend himself. But its heavy weight causes him to fall backwards and pulls Jasper down the stairs with him. On the way down, they both lose their weapons. The elves are holding a meeting in the elf alley. The elves want to know from King Rulo if they can get the castle back. Rulo has to deny this. Leavo wants to act, he wants to take over the castle by force. An elf, Mustacheo, asks why they want the castle at all. This elf is Elfo in disguise. Leavo explains to him that it is not so much about the castle, but more about what is underneath: "The very thing" Mustacheo wants to protect Bean, whereupon Elfo gets her mockery. When Mustacheo comes to Elfo's defense, Leavo sees through the hoax and rips off Elfo's fake moustache. Leavo sends him to the Trøgs to spy for the elves. Elfo leaves the meeting and heads to Trøgtown.

Back at the castle, she drops Bean face-first into bed. She extinguishes the candle with her hand. In her dream, she walks down a long hallway in Dreamland Castle with torches on the walls. On the ceiling, a woman runs in the opposite direction. Bean also runs along the walls chasing her. More surreal events happen. Bean's both slowly turn to stone. Under her feet, the floor begins to crumble and she falls into black nothingness. She wakes up again. Zøg is reading a book in his bed. Bean suddenly stands next to him and tells him that she had a nightmare. She lies down next to him. Zøg says if it's not a repeating dream, she has nothing to worry about. He makes her a ZZZøg's Nighty-Night Knockout Tea. His own creation. With the hot cup of tea in hand, Bean returns to her room. She drinks it down and goes to sleep. She finds herself back in the dream from before. She walks down the corridor. She now knows that this is a repeating dream. She asks the woman what she has to do to end the dream. She follows her up a long flight of stairs. All the way to the room with the elevator. She runs after her into the open elevator shaft and falls into a deep black nothingness. Terrified and hollowed out by bedsheets, Bean wakes up with the realization of destroying the elevator. Elfo is crawling through the corridors below the castle, the stone floor beneath him collapses and Elfo falls through. He seems to have landed in the place where the Trøgs bathe. He quickly hides in a barrel. One of the Trøgs hides and throws his discarded skin into the barrel. Elfo puts the skin on and uses it as a disguise. Luci and Miri spend time together, he eats clams and she sweeps the shells down the stairs. Bean storms up the stairs and says as she runs by that she is going to destroy the elevator to hell. Miri and Luci follow her. She grabs the axe from Stan who was about to execute an old man with it, promising to bring it back.

On the way up the stairs the three meet the quarreling brothers Derek and Jasper. Which fall down the stairs in a fight. At the top, the three see the light of the elevator, which means someone is just arriving from hell. It's Hansel and Gretel, both happy to have escaped Hell. When they see Bean, they quickly close the elevator doors again and want to go down, but Bean cuts the rope and the elevator plunges into the depths. The Trøgs are holding a meeting. They are greeted with their names, Elfo invents the name for himself: Sklobo. In the crowd, Splobo is picked on by Trixy. Because of his indignation because Trixy slept with Superviso, he is unmasked. The Trøgs tear off his skin and Elfo emerges. They want to kill him with boulders, but Trixy has the idea to use him as a spy among the humans. He doesn't want to do that because he has to spy for the humans and the elves and he has already been caught twice. Elfo agrees but warns the Trøgs that he will be caught all the time.

Back in Bean's room, Bean is trying to pull off her left boot. When she can't untie the laces, she takes the axe and swings it at her boot. She almost catches Elfo, who sneaks into her room through a secret passage of the Trøgs. She chops off the pompon of his cap with the axe. He can't tell her because he keeps getting caught, only that the Trøgs play a role too. Which also caught him. Elfo takes his bobble and leaves Bean's room. She continues to try to pull off her boot with the axe. In the process, she cuts off the toe of the boot. She rips off the sole and goes to sleep. She has fallen asleep again and is dreaming, the mysterious woman from her dream runs out of Bean's room. Bean gets up and chases after her. Bean runs through the surreal corridors of the castle. And she also runs down a surreal staircase. She arrives in the trough caves where she is chased by giant troughs, she saves herself in a cave but it is just the ear of another trough. At the moment it sinks into the brain of said Trøg, the skull is opened by Dagmar, who holds a spoon in her hand. The spoon is pointed at Bean.  She wakes up from her nightmare. She gets up and goes into the throne room. From a storage room, which is probably also Miri's room, Bean hears voices. She opens the door and sees Luci and Miri there. Bean wants to defend the castle and wants Miri and Luci to block all the tunnels. Downstairs, at the caves, the two now block the tunnels with garbage. But it doesn't hold and so they use boulders. But the boulder is too small and rolls into the tunnel. Elfo, who is on his way to the Trøgs to tell them that he will not spy anymore, is surprised by the rolling boulder and chased through the tunnels. Luci and Miri have meanwhile blocked all the tunnels with boulders. They run together through the corridors of the castle, behind them are small doors like the one from episode: "The Pitter-Patter of Little Feet". There they talk about their secrets. Luci's is that he's actually really nice and Miri's is that she's bad at wiping. At the same time, Luci is pulled away by a rope around her neck. It's Cloyd and Becky, still in the bodies of dolls, who want to take him back to hell. Luci starts puking up shells, his head spits away and the shells bubble right out of his throat. Becky lifts a rock and is about to crush his head with it. But at the right moment he is saved by Miri who kicks Becky out of the way. She puts Luci's head back on his body and uses it as a flamethrower. Cloyd and Becky catch fire and fall through a small door on the wall down into the water.

The elves hold another meeting. Since Bean closes all the tunnels, the elves decide to attack immediately. They take their weapons and go into the tunnels. They use the same entrance as Bean did in the episode: "The Pitter-Patter of Little Feet" to get into the tunnels. At the stroke of midnight, they leave. Elfo is saying to himself to stop interfering in other people's business when he passes Derek's room and sees him and Jasper fighting. When he tries to convince them to stop, they throw him through the small door into Derek's room together. Who made her first appearance in episode: "Love's Slimy Embrace". His fall down the stairs comes to an end in the room with the amphorae, when he crashes his head through the wall. In the tunnel, the elves are surprised by the Trøgs. Leavo notices the door of the room with the amphorae and wants to use it as an escape route. To create a distraction, King Rulo calls Distracto to the front. Leavo opens the door. Hencho tries to stop him but is prevented by the elves. He opens the door and immediately recognizes the amphorae, he takes one of them and is watched by Elfo. He leaves the room, opens the amphora and drinks from it. He assumes that it is: "The very thing". All the elves are amazed by what he has become. Leavo has turned into a Trøg.

Goofs and errors[]

  • Continuity error: back in "Stairway to Hell", it was stated souls cannot survive on Earth without their bodies and thus can only leave hell when put in a container, like a bottle. Yet, somehow, Hansel and Gretel are able to escape Hell and briefly return to Earth without their souls being contained in anything.


  • Signs before Dreamland: No Smiling beyond this point.
  • Signs in Dreamland: Elf meeting tonight: All welcome, except Stencho.
  • When Miri speaks, the subtitles give her name as Mary.
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