Stan is a minor character in Disenchantment. He is the Royal Executioner and tortures, hangs and beheads people for King Zøg.


Stan is a large-framed man who favours going shirtless, wearing teal pants, sandals and a black hood. He wears studded wristbands, presumably leather.


Amongst the usual methods of torturing people, his specialty is to read from a book of golf jokes. He will also take commands to beat people with chairs. Unsurprisingly, he has a black sense of humour. When Bean is too much of a coward to execute Gwen, he calls her a "failure", "loser" and a "quitter." (Though as it turns out, Bean made the right choice by not executing her.)


Tiabeanie Falls

When Bean is blamed for attempted murder of King Zøg, he is the only citizen of Dreamland that wants to try and help her. He does so, as when in the dungeons, he walks in. At first, they believe that he is trying to kill Bean and her friends early, but he is there to help them. He raises his axe in the air, but uses it to cut the cuffs off of them. He leads them down a tunnel to escape. They are thankful for this.

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