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Steamland Confidential is the fourth episode of season 2, Part 1 of Disenchantment and the twenty-fourth episode overall. It premiered on January 15, 2021.


After traveling to Steamland, Elfo enthralls the denizens of an upscale explorers' club while Bean infiltrates a factory in search of the Arch-Druidess.


Bean plans to hunt the Arch-Druidess down, while Sagatha and Derek mutually agree to cancel their wedding. Bean orders all the guests to leave, and orders Luci to stay with Zog, who is further descending into madness. Elfo finds another motorcycle in the cathedral’s basement, and with this motorcycle he and Bean head off for Steamland. Unfortunately, once they reach the Unpassable Mountains, the motorcycle falls through a wooden bridge and is destroyed. Bean and Elfo survive the crash, and find themselves outside the cave of Malfus. Laughing Horse is there too, and Malfus insists Bean and Elfo continue their journey with him.

Once they reach Steamland, Bean leaves Laughing Horse near some kiddie rides since he would stand out too much, and she and Elfo continue on foot. Since Elfo would also attract too much attention, Bean takes him to the Hot & Steamy Steambaths so he can steal some Steamland-clothes in his size. When they venture deeper into Steamland and end up on a moving sidewalk, Elfo and Bean are separated when the sidewalk splits in two sections. Bean spots the Arch-Druidess, and Elfo encourages her to go after their enemy first.

Bean manages to follow the Arch-Druidess to the Gunderson Steamworks factory, where the morning shift is just starting. Bean gets dragged inside by the stream of workers, and is handed a uniform. She thus ends up working on the assembly line of the factory, where during her lunch break she meets another worker, who introduces himself as Gordie Stewson. They get to know each other, but Bean pretends she is just a country girl. Gordie claims doesn’t know the Arch-Druidess, but Bean confinces him to help her search the factory. They fail to find the Arch-Druidess before the lunch break is over though. When the day is done, they share some drinks and then Gordie offers her to stay at one of the employees houses.

Meanwhile, Elfo ends up at the Blue Mouse cinema. There, he watches a fantasy movie about Princess Diandra, but is bothered by how inaccurate everything is (the Elf Zandoro is basically a human with pointy ears for example). His loud complaining eventually gets him kicked out of the Cinema. Outside, Elfo is approached by a man who mistakes Elfo for a member of the League of Gallivanting Scrutinators (apparently, the guy whose clothes Elfo stole was a member). Elfo is taken to their building, and quickly starts to enjoy the luxury there. When Elfo overhears other club members brag about their adventures, he tries to one-up them with his own stories, and in no time has all the club members wrapped around his finger.

And in Dreamland, Zog is treating Luci as his pet cat, and keeps him on a leash. Luci tries to escape through one of the trapdoors of the Throne room, but ends up dragging Zog with him into the ocean. Zog is rescued by Oona's Pirate Crew. Oona decides it might be better if she stays in Dreamland for a while to look after Zog.

When Bean and Gordie return to work the next day, the Arch-Druidess makes an announcement over the intercom about the upcoming company party at Steamland Fun Center, and Bean recognizes her voice. Gordie tells Bean she will likely find the Arch-Druidess at this party, and asks Bean to go there with him. Bean agrees. That night, they enjoy themselves in the various attractions the Fun Center has to offer. They eventually spot the Arch-Druidess going into The Calliope of Progress. They fail to catch her there. When Bean and Gordie are riding the Ferris wheel, he asks her if she wants to stay in Steamland, to which Bean finally admits she is actually a princess from Dreamland. Then Bean spots the Arch-Druidess again, but she sees Bean too and stops the Ferris wheel to escape. Bean and Gordie climb down from the stuck wheel and follow the Arch-Druidess back to the factory. The chase brings them to the of office of Alva, where Bean learns that Gordie Stewson is actually Alva Gunderson himself. He was posing as a regular worker to get to know Bean. The Arch-Druidess was working for him this whole time, but Alva claims he had no idea about the atrocities she committed, like burying Zog alive and trying to shoot Bean. He has the Arch-Druidess send to his office, scolds her for going off-script, and fires her. He has some of his Light Bud Robots take her away. Before she is forcefully removed from Alva’s office, the Arch-Druidess warns Bean not to trust Alva.

In the LGS-club, Elfo is still impressing the members with his stories when P.T. McGee enters. He is not impressed by Elfo as he himself has supposedly been to every country in the world. Elfo challenges this claim by asking P.T. if he has ever been to Elfwood. When P. T. refuses to believe that country actually exists, Elfo reveals he is an Elf himself. P.T. immediately captures Elfo for his freakshow.

In his office, Alva tells Bean the reason he is interested in her is because there is magic in Dreamland that he hopes to combine with the science of Steamland. He offers Bean an alliance. Bean is unsure s and asks for some time to think about it.

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