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Not to be confused with The Battles of Falling Water (events).

The Battle of Falling Water is the eigth episode of season 3 of Disenchantment and the 48th episode overall. It premiered on September 1, 2023.


A battle between the Dreamland army and Dagmar's forces may spell disaster for Princess Bean, unless she can defeat her greatest foe: herself.


King Zøg, Bean, Big Jo and Porky have arrived back in Dreamland, ready to confront Queen Dagmar. Bean only hopes her friends are also ready to help. In Dreamland Castle, Mop Girl, Elfo and Luci are tired of waiting for Bean and decide to start the revolution now. Then Bad Bean comes into the room, forcing the three to hastily leave. On the beach, King Rulo has gathered most of the Elves and Trøgs. He orders Blow Jo to summon their other allies by blowing on a conch shell. The call is heard all the way on Mermaid Island and even Ogreland. Both Mermaids and Ogres head out for Dreamland to help. On Oona's ship, Mora also hears the call and dives into the ocean. However, Alva Gunderson and Hencho are also approaching Dreamland in his ship, and they are bringing a rocket with them. Unbeknown to Alva, the Arch-Druidess has stowed away on board his ship. In Heaven, Jerry sees everything and asks God why he is just letting this happen. God justifies His lack of intervention with the fact that people always take his name in vain whenever he steps in to help.

As Bean, Zøg, Big Jo and Porky try to sneak into the castle, they spot Oona's Ship in the ocean below, and decide to go there first. They learn that the Electrofish sank, but all the Freaks are safely on board the ship. Odval tells Big Jo they must alert the Secret Society, as the dark prophecy is upon them. In the castle, a group of Elves led by Superviso manage to gain entrance by claiming to be a clean up crew, but they are actually smuggling weapons into the castle hidden in the buckets.

Later that night, when most of Oona's crew and guests are asleep, Bean decides to go after Dagmar alone since she does not want to risk all of her friends' lives. She uses the sewer pipes to climb into the castle and ends up in the Throne room, but only finds Satan and Scruffles there. From Satan, she learns that Dagmar and Bad Bean are on their way to the Crystal Cavern to finally unlock the magic of Dreamland. Bean hurries to beat Dagmar to the castle, while Satan retreats to his room. Luci sees him and follows him. In Satan's room, Luci calls Satan out for having been turned into a shadow of his former self by Dagmar. He then leaves in disgust.

In the caves below the castle, Dagmar and Bean, accompanied by a large group of soldiers and Goons, approach the cavern with the Ritual crown. Prince Merkimer spots them. As he follows the group, he runs into the good Bean and brings her up to speed about what is happening. Bean manages to reach the entrance to the Crystal Cavern first and confronts her mother and evil self there. For a moment it seems she has to fight the whole group off alone, but then reinforcements arrive for her; Zøg, Jasper, Ursula, Prince Derek, the Elves, the Fairies, the Trøgs, Elfo, Mop Girl, Luci, the Secret Society, Stan, Bunty, and the Mermaids all join Bean's side.

What follows is a huge battle outside the Cavern, with both sides suffering losses. During the fight, Vip and Vap escape their cages and along with Merkimer come to King Rulo's aid when the latter is seriously injured in the fight. Meanwhile, Alva Gunderson arrives at a port in the Trøg tunnel and asks Hencho to show him where the Sacred Goo is. He reveals his plan involves abducting Bean to a whole new world where they can be together. In Heaven, Jerry and God watch the battle, with God still deciding not to interfere. He does however give Jerry more information abou the Magic of Dreamland; it's a natural phenomenon created by a perfect combination of holy water falling from Heaven into the river of Dreamland and the steam from Hell rising up in the caves.

As the battle rages on, Bean and Bad Bean fight each other. The fight takes them into the Crystal Caverns, but the two Beans are evenly matched and both have magic. Eventually, Bean seemlingly gets the upper hand, pins Bad Bean down and stabs her. Unfortunately, it turns out Bad Bean was using her magic to create an illusion, and Bean actually just killed Mora. This realization enrages Bean to the point that she unleashes a massive discharge of lightning that kills numerous combatants on both sides of the conflict, and reduces Bad Bean to dust.

The fight is over. Dagmar sneaks away unseen while Bean mourns Mora. The surviving combatants can only stand and watch.


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