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The Cabinet of Dr. Chazzzzz is the third episode of season 2, Part 2 of Disenchantment and the 33th episode overall. It premiered on February 9, 2022.


Zøg is institutionalized with Chazzzzz, while Vip and Vap launch an epic rescue. Bean doesn't get the warm reception she expects at Dreamland.


The plot opens with King Zøg's arrival in the Twinkletown Insane Asylum. He is locked up in a cell with Giggles. Chazzzzz turns out to be working here as well in several roles, including that of the doctor. Zøg is soon given his first therapy session with Dr. Mulberry, but the sessions contains of just Mulberry calling the asylum by a bunch of synonyms, all of whom he admits are insulting. In Dreamland Castle, Vip and Vap miss Zøg and plan to go to the asylum to free him. They hitch rides on a frog an even a crocodile along the way.

Despite the asylum's questionable treatments, Zøg actually seems to improve. He starts to talk in full sentences again, and tries to get to know his cellmate Giggles better. Giggles however drops several hints that he is plotting to kill Zøg. One night, Giggles overhears Zøg talking in his sleep, and thus finds out about Zøg's fear to be burried alive again. During another session with Mulberry, Zøg realizes they plan to keep him locked up for the rest of his life, and attacks the doctor. He is locked up in the rubber room as punishment. After Zøg is returned to his cell, Giggles reveals he has been digging an escape tunnel, and allows Zøg to use it. However, when Zøg enters the tunnel, he finds out it's a dead end, and then Giggles closes off the entrance, trapping Zøg inside, essentially burrying him alive again.

Meanwhile, Bean, Elfo, Luci and Jerry are still on their way to Dreamland in The Compensator. They pass over the aslylum and hear Zøg's cries for help, but don't realize it is him and they fly on. Some time later, Jerry spots a horse trapped on a mountain, and convinces Bean to rescue the animal. With The Compensator's crane they manage to bring the horse on board, and learn (much to Bean's annoyance) that it is Laughing Horse.

In the tunnel, Zøg notices Giggles left the skull of his grandmother there, and uses it to dig his way out of the tunnel and the asylum. The succesful escape also helps him overcome his fear. However, just as Zøg reaches the surface, Chazzzzz discovers his escape and sounds the alarm. Zøg flees into the woods, where he runs over Vip and Vap without even realizing it's them. He also loses his gown when it gets stuck on a branch, leaving him naked. He reaches a Monastery, where the Rinsemaster welcomes him in. Zøg is shaven bald by Big Jo, who works here as the Shavemaster, and integrates into the monstary's daily life of prayer. Big Jo and Porky secretly attempt to assassinate Zøg, but fail.

The Compensator reaches Dreamland, but is attacked with arrows burning with green fire. The ship catches fire and crashes, but everyone on board manages to get out in the Escape pod. In the monastery, Zøg rapidly advances through his stips to become a monk (mainly because he gave the place a huge financial donation), and is allowed to pray in the holiest room. As he prays for God to give him a sign, he spots a bean on the floor and interprets this as a sign that his kids need him. He leaves the room, and barely manages to dodge Chazzzzz, Mulberry and Giggles, who are looking for him. When the three men are told by the Rinsemaster that Zøg is not at the monastery, they capture Big Jo as a substitute and return to the asylum. Zøg bids the Rinsemaster goodbye and heads back for Dreamland, reuniting with Vip and Vap along the way.

In Dreamland, Bean lands the escape pod at a cave outside the city.

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  • Giggles seems to never sleep.
  • Zøg and Giggles are located in room 99.
  • This is the only time you see Zøg's private parts.
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