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The Compensator

The Compensator is the largest airship ever build in Steamland.


It was constructed by Alva Gunderson after Bean rejected his avances. By his own admission, he felt an urge to build something big after being rejected.

The ship is first seen in "The Good, The Bad, and the Bum-Bum" when Bean, Luci and Jerry escape from Hell but end up in Alva's office in Steamland. Alva offers to take them to Dreamland in The Compensator, but Jerry knocks him out with his hammer after which they steal the Compensator. With the ship, the group heads back to Dreamland, picking up Elfo and Laughing Horse along the way.

Upon returning to Dreamland however, the ship was attacked with magic arrows fired from Dreamland Castle (which, unbeknown to Bean, had been taken over by Emperor Cloyd and Becky the Enchantress), and was destroyed by them.


  • The ship has a Destination Dial that can be set to a number of pre-programmed destinations and fly there on auto-pilot.
  • There is an Escape pod on board for evacuations.
  • The ship has a microphone and loudspeakers called the "Yell-O-Phone".
  • There's a crane on board for picking up heavy objects or animals and bring them into the ship.