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The Goo-Bye Girl is the 9th episode of season 2, Part 2 of Disenchantment and the 39th episode overall. It premiered on February 9, 2022.


Elfo is kidnapped by the Trøgs who want to give him the Goo. He is rescued by Bean and Luci. Derek, Jasper, Freckles and Snarla escape from Dreamland after they think they have killed an elf. But the whole thing was just a set-up by Freckles. After Bean drinks the Goo, she is finally able to catch the mysterious woman in her dream.


We start at the end of the last episode. Leavo has now turned into a Trøg. The elves and the Trøgs are shocked by this. Elfo, who is currently in the room with the amphorae, says what everyone is thinking: Leavo is a Trøg. From now on it is clear: Trøgs are elves and elves are Trøgs. Elfo wants to thank Leavo for his relentless search to unite them all, but he is disappointed with the result. He and King Rulo both find that he has wasted his life

Back to the castle. Bean has just had a nightmare in which she chases a woman she thinks is her mother Dagmar through the places she has been before. First Maru's Castle, then Hell, Hansel and Gretel's Gingerbread House, Ogreland, the sunken annex of Dreamlands Castle where the sea Trøgs live, Oona Pirate Ship and finally Dreamland Castle. In the dream, the laws of physics do not seem to apply Bean often walks along the walls. Bean follows the woman to a door from which red light shines out. Bean grabs her by the hair, but suddenly someone pulls Bean's hair from behind and she wakes up from the dream. During the dream, you never saw the face of the woman Bean was chasing. Bean talks to Miri about her thoughts and dreams. Next to her sits Miri, who suggests to Bean that she shouldn't always complain because she is a queen. After the question of Oona drugs have remained Miri answers that Scruffles has eaten away everything.

King Rulo announces the reunion of the t Trøgs rogs and the elves. They throw away their weapons and embrace. The Trøgs invite the elves to a prayer circle and a success seminar. Under the pretext that they have something else to do, King Rulo denies and together with the elves he leaves the Trøgs caves, without Leavo. Zøg brings his two sons to the Dreamland elementary school because he wants them to become real gentlemen. He goes to the bar next to the elementary school: Luci’s Inferno. In the school today Stan the Executioner is in charge, as a substitute for Ms. Gladstone. Which he killed. In the basement of the castle Luci finds the Royal Comic Book Stash. He slips under the door and looks around.

Various comics are spread out on the table. Luci grabs the comic Shocko suspense stories, hearing the Trøgs carrying Elfo away. He looks through the keyhole and watches them. From the context it can be concluded that the Trøgs want to administer the Goo to Elfo. When Elfo doesn't stop screaming, they fill his mouth with golf balls. Luci slips out from under the door and runs away. Bean is sitting on the throne in the throne room and Miri is mopping the floor. They are talking to each other. Luci tells Bean that Elfo can put seven golf balls in his mouth. He tells Bean that Elfo is being kidnapped by Trøgs. When Bean replies that Luci doesn't care, he does a short dance, flies high into the air, falls towards the ground and loses his head again. He puts his head back on his shoulders and slides over the ground with one butt. It turns out that he has an impacted anal gland. Bean decides that they have to save Elfo. On his butt, Elfo slides to the small door through which he entered the throne room.

Luci shows Bean the small door. She doesn't think she will fit through it. But the tunnel is full of slime, so Luci thinks Bean will slide through easily. She slides down the narrow tunnel while Luci takes the stairs. Once she gets stuck for a moment. She has reached the end of the tunnel. There she realizes that Luci has taken the stairs and that there is a staircase. To show Bean that she is wrong with her claim that he doesn't care, he takes out a blowfish and blows it up. So that Bean can kiss it, as a substitute for Mora. She kicks Luci into the tunnel of mucus and goes in search of Elfo. On the way home from school, Derek and Jasper get boarded up by the mean elf band. Back at the castle, Derek wishes he had another friend by his side to help them fight. Freckles steps forward and offers his help to teach the two of them how to fight.

Bean tracks Trøgs in the caves. The Trøgs reach the surface via two ladders. They pass each other Elfo to the top. They throw him out of the hole and there he is caught by two more Trøgs. Bean also climbs up, but remains hidden in the hole. She watches the Trøgs as they chain Elfo to a rock. Gathered in Mosquito Meadow, one Trøg talks about Elfos ultimate test. For only the one true savior unleashes the power of the goo and saves all the Trøgs. They already tried it with Luci, who was given wings by this concoction but not much else. They don't know exactly what will happen to Elfo if he drinks the goo, he could become a Trøg like Leavo or he could become the one and only Savior. They want Bean to give him the goo because she is also a savior. If she refuses, they will kill her and Elfo. She pretends to agree to this. She takes the amphora with the goo and leans over Elfo, taking a golf ball out of his mouth so that he can spit out the others. When asked again to give Elfo the goo, she gives a speech about how bad magic is and how good science is, to stall'em as long as she can. Bean's speech does not have her desired reaction. The Trøgs hold Elfo's mouth open so that Bean can empty the goo into it.

Just as she is about to do it, Luci comes flying in and snatches the amphora from Bean. Bean grabs an axe and destroys Elfo's chains with it. Luci throws the amphora to the ground and it breaks. She grabs Luci by the tail and takes Elfo by the hand, the three fly away. Since Luci can't carry that much weight, the three fall into the water and since they don't catch the lifeline, the three fall down the waterfall. Back at the castle, Bean, Elfo and Luci are eating crabs. She thanks Luci again for his help, who says that this action was a one-off and that he won't do it a second time. That night, they confront Derek, Jasper and Freckles of the mean elf gang in the alley. The elves grab sticks and stones. Freckles throws Derek a pipe. Freckles and Derek each grab an elf. Derek confronts the leader of the gang and hits him with the pipe. Fearing they have killed someone, Derek, Jasper and Freckles flee. Back in the castle, in Derek's room, Freckles convinces Derek to leave town. Jasper, Snarla and Freckles will accompany him. When they leave the city at night, they pass the elf gang. Under the pretext that he wants to make sure that the elves do not cause any more damage, he talks to them while the others steal a carriage.

It was all a set-up, Freckles pays the elves for their help in his sick little game. Back to Bean's room, Bean is very tired, she throws herself on the bed. When she blows out her night candle, there is an amphora with the Goo next to the candle. She is frightened and falls off the bed. Her hasty movement extinguishes the candle. She takes the amphora and speaks to herself about the fact that the Trøgs only want to bait her. She sniffs the bottle and tastes a small amount with her fingertip. Afterwards she wants to drink the whole bottle, but it clogs her up as she holds the bottle over her face and knocks on its bottom, a huge amount of goo comes through the neck of the bottle at once and spreads over Bean's face as well as on her bed.

She wipes her face, lies down on the bed and puts the amphora next to it. A stone slab opens under her bed, a Trøg can be seen taking the amphora with him. Bean begins to dream. Her ceiling rises and the moon comes closer. The mysterious woman disappears again into the room with the red light. Bean follows her and grabs her by the hair. At the same time, her hair is pulled again. But instead of waking up like last time, she remains in a dream. For the first time Bean sees the face of the woman, it is not her mother as she first assumed it is herself in her mother's clothes.

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  • With a runtime of 19 minutes, The Goo-Bye Girl is the shortest Disenchantment episode.
  • Leavo has atleast two children. He writes a erotic fantasy novel for elves and his wife is married to Speako.
  • Ms Glastone was killed because she started a teachers union.
  • Elfo eats cookies in bed.
  • Freckles pays with Steamland money.
  • Signs in Dreamland: Plague Paste no refunds/Dreamland Elementary School sending kids home with heads full of ideas and lice./Luci’s Inferno.
  • Signs under Dreamland Castle: King’s Comic Book Collection no sticky hands./Royal Exercise Room available for rent.


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