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The Good, The Bad, and the Bum-Bum is the second episode of Part 4 of Disenchantment and the thirty-second episode overall. It premiered on February 9th 2022.


Bean, Jerry, and Luci commandeer an airship from Alva. When captured by ogres, Elfo discovers a family history he didn't know about.


We are in Alva's office. He is watching a Squalid Squirrel cartoon on a round TV and is observed by Bean, Luci and Jerry. Alva notices the three of them and offers Jerry a beer. Bean wants to know from him what connections he has to Hell. Meanwhile, he summons the Henchbots to him. On Bean's orders. Jerry breaks the Henchobts' light bulb heads with his hammer.

Junior and his entourage have arrived in Ogreland, they sneak in through a secret passage. They move into the castle unnoticed, because the queen wants the little twit all to herself. Elfo is taken to a room and shaken out of a cage. When he hears footsteps from outside, he tries to hide in the room. Some ogres, including Grogda, come into the room and bring a table, a chair and some food. All but Grogda leave the room. Grogda notices Elfo, who is hiding behind a curtain. His shoes are still visible. He comes out from behind the curtain, takes the fork lying on the table and stabs her feet with it. She picks him up and gives him a big kiss and asks him to tell her who he is. She wants to hear from him a "Hi, I'm Elfo." She introduces herself to him as his mother, Elfo doesn't want to believe her at first. Only when she offers him his favorite food, he believes her. The food the ogres brought into the room earlier is meant for Elfo. As it turns out, both have assumed that the other is dead. It was only when Bean said Elfo's name in the episode "Our Bodies, Our Elves" that Grogda realized it was her son. Grogda wants to keep their relationship a secret, but she promises to never abandon him again. Brock and two other ogres have come into the room. Brock grabs Elfo by his collar and snatches him from Grogda's arms. Elfo is carried away by one of the ogres. Grogda tries to stop him, but is stopped by one of the ogres himself. A cloaked figure prowls outside the walls of Ogreland. With a clever trick, he distracts the guards and sneaks into Ogreland. On the same path as the group of ogres, the secret figure sneaks into the castle.

Elfo is in the ogre prison. We saw this before in the episode: "Our Bodies, our Elves" In Steamland, Alva is confronted by Bean. She wants to know from him what he knows about hell. He tries to get out of it with an excuse. He claims that Steamland uses the vapors from Hell. Alva says he has a deal with Hell, but doesn't elaborate. Bean asks for a description of Satan, from Alva. He is very good at describing him. He compliments her, whereupon Jerry has to restrain Bean, because otherwise she would hit Alva. To show her his good intentions, Alva summons an airship. The biggest one in Steamland. The Compensator. On the way to Dreamland, Alva wants to prove to Bean that she can make her wildest dreams come true with the help of science mixed with magic. Jerry knocks Alva unconscious with his hammer. Bean, Luci and Jerry run across a bridge extended from the airship to the Compensator. Elfo is still stuck in the ogre prison, he has carved a provocative message on the wall. The cloaked figure from before comes down from the ceiling and lands on the other side of the grate. It tries to pick the lock. When Elfo complains, the figure reveals itself. It is his father, Pops. The ogres have heard the two of them talking and now throw Pops in jail with Elfo as well. Pops wants Elfo to sit down because he has a story to tell him.

In a flashback we see Pops' past. Pops was a traveling salesman for the Elfwood Candy Company. He left Elfwood with a wagon full of candy and his best friend, a giant dog named Barko. His travels took him to all sorts of places and there he met some strange characters. He was in Bentwood, Dankmire, the Cave of the single trap where he met Malfus, in the Enchanted Forest where he met Hansel and Gretel. He met some lonely ladies who wanted "more" than his sweets. In the Valley of Ogres, Pops met Princess Grogda, he first tried to give her various sweets, but she didn't want any of them. Later, he found out that ogres don't like sweets, they like sour treats. Especially for her, Pops invented a new flavor: sour. Just enough to give your mouth a pucker. Grogda accepted the sour candy and fell in love with Pops. They kept the whole thing a secret because her parents and boyfriend would object. Grogda became pregnant. Since there was only one future for them in Ogreland: death, they fled under the cover of night.

Bean, Luci and Jerry are flying with the Compensator straight over Steamland. Bean sets the autopilot in the direction of Dreamland.

Pops couldn't take Grogda to Elfwood and they couldn't go back to Ogreland either. So the two built a home sweet home in the middle of the jungle. In the trees they hid from the most vicious creatures of the area, the gnomes. Elfo was born and they both loved him immediately. Elfo was a real rascal, only did stupid things. Elfo called Pops "Daddy Elfo" which Pops didn't like because every time he said to Elfo: "You call me Daddy Elfo again, and I'll slap you on the bum-bum" which is probably why he always says bum-bum and not butt. Meanwhile, Grogda is sewing the embroidery of Elfo's family, which we made from: "To Thine Own Elf Be True" It is currently serving little Elfo as a blanket. His mother wanted Elfo to be proud of being half elf. That is why he got the name Elfo. One day Elfo is playing with Barko and his wooden toy daggers in a river, Pops and Grodga are lying on a blanket in the grass watching him. A monkey steals his clothes, which were lying on a rock next to the river. The monkey climbs up the tree to a second monkey. The two monkeys begin to fight over the clothes. Elfo climbs up the tree. With vines, the monkeys swing away. Elfo follows behind. He falls down into the stream, Grogda looks up startled when Elfo does not immediately reappear. Elfo slowly reappears and Barko runs to him in the river. Elfo hugs Barko. A horn sounds in the distance. They know there is danger. Grogda jumps into the river and gets Elfo and Barko, she hands Pops Elfo. With instructions to hide. With Elfo in his arms and Barko in tow, Pops runs into the forest. Grogda flees from the gnomes. Pops and Elfo see Grogda fighting the gnomes. When Grogda is hit in the chest by a flaming arrow, she falls down a slope. Elfo screams for his mother, which draws the gnomes' attention to her. Pops takes Elfo back to her house, there they find monkeys rummaging through her clothes and dressing her. A burning arrow from the gnomes hits their house and it begins to burn. The monkeys also start to burn, both of them fall out of the house. Pops grabs Elfo and through a clever system the two leave the house. The gnomes find the burning monkeys and mistake them for Pops and Elfo. As the fire grows larger, the gnomes run back into the forest. With their home gone, Pops took Elfo back to Elfwood, the only safe place he knew. That was the last time Pops saw Grogda.

As Pops finishes this sentence, Grogda suddenly enters the cell. She tells her view of what happened. When she fell down the slope, she hit her head on a rock and became unconscious. She didn't wake up until the night. Grogda says that Pops saved her because the arrow that hit her in the chest pierced the candy box and not her body and that the blood Pops saw was just cherry syrup. Grogda ran back to her house. There she finds the burnt ruins of the house. She looks for Pops and Elfo and the only thing she finds are the burnt remains of the two monkeys.Because they are wearing Pops' and Elfo's clothes, Grogda mistakenly concludes that they are her husband and son. She returned to Ogreland. Back in the dungeon, Grogda embraces Elfo and Pops. Brock and Junior enter the cell. When Brock sends his guards to take Elfo away, Grogda intervenes. Since Elfo is her son and therefore the heir to the throne, Brock is not allowed to kill him. Junior claims he is next in line for the throne, since Grogda is his mother. Thus, Elfo has a half-brother. Junior challenges Elfo, a fight to the death. Grogda wants to prevent this as well, but Brock objects. She is the queen, but Junior challenged him, so the fight is legitimate.

In the Compensator, Bean, Jerry and Luci fly over a forest. They come face to face with a swarm of flying demons. Luci's living but headless body is also part of the swarm. Bean mistakes the swarm for a flock of birds. The demons dodge the airship, except for Luci's body which slams into the windshield. Bean adjusts the windshield wiper, but Luci's recognizes his body. The wipers do their duty and the body is wiped away. Jerry reaches the door at the right moment to bring the body in from outside. They fill his soul back into his body and put his head on top as a cork. Upside down. His head falls off again when Bean turns it. Luci now has a screw cap head.

Elfo talks to Grogda about the upcoming fight. He asks her for help. She gives him his toy daggers, the ones he used to play with in the jungle. With a loud gong, the fight is initiated. All the ogres cheer. Elfo is able to dodge the first blows from Junior. Only to be thrown against the wall by him. Elfo tries to convince Junior with reason to stop. Junior doesn't want to listen and throws him around. He accuses him of stabbing him in both eyes, ruining his career as an artist. Junior lunges for a fatal blow, but he only hit Elfo's clothes. Elfo is climbing straight up the tree in the middle of the death arena, naked. Elfo swings down from tree by a vine and wraps it around Junior, who falls to the ground. He wears only one leaf. Elfo wants to end the fight so that no one has to die. But Brock is so disappointed in his son that he even demands Elfo to kill Junior. With his daggers Elfo cuts the vines and frees Junior. Because a big brother protects his little brother. To show that he will not kill anyone, Junior throws away his weapon, which hits Brock and kills him instantly. Grogda and Pops lie in the meadow and watch their two sons playing catch in the river. They are lying in the same meadow as the fateful day when their house burned down. Above them appears the Compensator, from above it looks like an ogre chasing Elfo. Bean decides to save Elfo and lowers a rope with a noose at the end. It wraps around Elfo's neck and pulls him up. Bean

says they are going to get Pops too, but he wants to stay because he likes where he is.  Pops and Grogda wave after them. He hands her a box of sour candy, which has already been formed into a big clump. Just like the two of them, Grogda says. She gives Pops half of a sour candy and his mouth tightens. Grogda takes the remaining clump and her mouth also contracts and they both kiss.



Elfo: "Hi, I’m Elfo?"
Grogda: "And I’m your mama."
Luci: "And I’m gonna tell Satan what you said about his mother."
Alva: "But I didn’t say anything."
Luci: "It’s actually what I said, but I’m gonna tell him you said it."


  • Signs in Ogreland: "Visit our beautiful skull pile, formerly skull tower." / "Today (like every day) battle to the death."
  • Elfo's favorite food is anchovies in mustard sauce, and only his therapist, his pizza delivery boy and his mother know that.
  • Pop's trick: He throws a grappling hook over the wall, then waits for the guards to come and check it. Then he uses the main gate.
  • Elfo's message on the wall in prison: I killed nine ogres Ha Ha - Elfo
  • Malfus is immortal, but only four elves have ever left Elfwood and for the eternity pendant, you need elf blood. The elves are Pops, Elfo, Returno and Leavo. He probably got his elf blood from Pops. Since that is the only known contact between Malfus and an elf.
  • Other locations that can be navigated to using the autopilot in the Compensator: Steamland / Dankmire / New Cremorrah / Dullsville / Naked City / Twinkletown / Oxnard / Dreamland.
  • Elfo's Nightsong: "Elfo, my baby, sleep safe in our home Dream of great battles And murdering gnomes Life can be scary, life in unfair When you feel alone Your mom will be there"
  • Luci's mnemonic for his screwable head: "Lefty-loosey, tighty-righty.
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