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The League of Gallivanting Scrutinators (LGS for short, and also known as the explorers club) is an exclusive club in Steamland for rich adventurers and explorers.

Its motto is "Proudly Discovering Where Lesser People Already Live." The club accepts both men and women among it's ranks. The club has a rule that all members must be able to show proof of their adventures, however this rule is not enforced too thoroughly.


The club has a luxurious clubhouse in Steamland where members can gather for food and drinks while bragging about their various journeys and adventures. Among other things, the club serves breakfast cocktails.

The walls of the club are decorated with trophees and relics the members brought back from their adventures, including a lot of stuffed heads from various creatures, like an Ogre and a Bigfoot-Yeti hybrid.

Members and associates[]

Lady Bowmore and P.T. McGee are known members.

In "Steamland Confidential", Elfo briefly posed as a member, after stealing the pin of a member. His attempts to gain admiration from the Scrutinators resulted in him boasting to P.T. that he had been to Elfwood. When P.T. demanded proof, Elfo revealed that he was an elf, and consequentially found himself cought for P.T. Freak Show.

Most of the other members remain unnamed and have no dialogue. A few notable ones that do have speaking roles are:

Unnamed male LSG member 1 This man, who speaks with a British accent, runs into Elfo after the latter has been kicked out of the Blue Mouse, mistakes him for a fellow LGS member, and takes him to the club.
LGS butler A butler working at the club. He is seen serving Elfo a whiskey sour. Elfo asks him to just bring the sour next time.
Unnamed LGS woman This woman tells her fellow members a story about how she once found herself trapped on a mountain peak between a Yeti and a Bigfoot. She introduced them to each other, officiated at their wedding, and became godmother to their child Fleebo, whose head is now hanging on the wall of the club. Later she is seen telling P.T. McGee to be quiet as he is interruping Elfo's stories.
Unnamed LGS man 2 This man calls Elfo out on his tall tales, and per the club rules demands proof that Elfo has indeed been to Hell. Elfo thus tells him that while in Hell he thought he saw a demon's butt, only to realize it was this mans' mother's face. This amuses the other club members, and is enough proof for this man as he sadly admits his mother was a homely woman.
Unnamed LGS man 3 In "Freak Out!", P.T. can be seen complaining to this man about how Elfo is giving him trouble, and offers to sell Elfo to him as a prey for the island hunting resort the man is building. The man is interested when he learns Elfo will scream if hurt.
LGS butler 2 This butler is seen serving Bean and Lady Bowmore a tray with two bottles of liquor and 2 glasses. He tells Bowmore that it's the usual stuff, implying Bowmore is a heavy drinker.
Pierre This man stands at the entrance of the club. Bean calls him Pierre, likely due to his French accent, but admits she has no idea if that is truly his name. He refuses Bean entrance but gives in when Lady Bowmore tells him Bean is with her.