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The Magic Bean trilogy is a Disenchantment comic first published in "Disenchantment: Untold Tales Vol. 1". It is made up of three parts.


This story is set before “The Dreamland Job” as the Flying Scepter still has it’s original name and owner from before Luci took it over, but after “The Very Thing” as Oona is not seen in the castle, indicating she already left to become a pirate.


Part 1: You Don’t Know Jack![]

It’s “put your daughter to work day” again, and like every year Bean and Zøg have an argument about it since Bean considers it unfair she has to work hard, while Zøg wants her to build character and show her future subjects she is not afraid of some work. This year, the job Zøg has picked for Bean is bringing corpses to the plague pit.

When work is done, Bean, Elfo and Luci spot a man named Magic Jack being thrown out of the Flying Scepter by the innkeeper. Bean offers him a drink, Jack tells Bean how he once got his hands on magic beans that grew into a huge beanstalk that lead to a country inhabited by giants. Jack admits how he stole a fortune from these giants. He claims it was to support his mother, but the reader gets to see he kept the gold all to himself. He killed the giant that tried to stop him by chopping down the beanstalk, causing the giant to fall to his death.

Bean is impressed, and Jack offers her to visit the magic land in the clouds and other interesting places on Earth herself, for a price of course. Luci and Elfo don’t trust Jack, but Bean buys some of Jack’s magic beans. The beans actually work and a huge beanstalk grows from them after they are planted. The Beanstalk takes them to the clouds, where they encounter a giant.

Part 2: Luci in the sky with Giants[]

The giant, whose name is Gunter, turns out to be friendly and Welcomes Elfo, Luci and Bean to the city of Skylight. He shows them around his farm where he grows magic beans and has a livestock consisting of animals collected from all over the world. The trio also gets to meet Gunter’s wife Sigrid and baby son Sven, and get to know the history of Skylight, which turns out to be quite a utopia. The only bad thing is that occasionally the magic beans the Giants use to travel to and from Earth fall into the wrong hands, leading to unwanted visitors like Jack.

When visiting The Buried Giant for some beer, Luci tells how a utopia can never last. To make his point clear he creates a small flame in his hand, which ignites the beer and sets the tavern on fire. As the fire spreads, Bean and her friends try to help by getting some elephants from Gunter’s barn to put out the fire, but in the process they knock down an oil lamp, burning down the barn, and end up causing several giants to fall off the clouds to the ground below. Worse, the heat from the fire causes the clouds to evaporate. Bean, Luci and Elfo use another Beanstalk to escape the pandemonium, not knowing where on Earth it will take them.

Part 3: The Elfo who would be Kingo[]

Bean, Elfo and Luci have ended up in a forest. They are ambushed by a tribe of small, humanoid creatures named the Quelfolitos, who capture Bean and Luci but worship Elfo since they believe him to be their god, Quelfolito.

Bean and Luci try to get Elfo to set them free before the Quelfolitos realize he is not a god, but Elfo is having too much fun with his new status as deity. However, he has Luci and Bean freed after Luci offers to help Elfo translate the Quelfolitos’ language. That night, the Quelfolitos throw a party for their god called The Great Ascension, which Luci and Bean are also forced to participate in. However, as Luci talks with the Quelfolitos he realizes they will kill Elfo if he does not proof himself to be a god during the party by ascending to the heavens. He warns Bean, who in turn tries to warn Elfo. When Elfo won’t listen, Bean tries to force him to come with her, to which the Quelfolitos come to Elfo’s aid and capture Bean and Luci.

The two are sentenced to death, and Elfo has to carry out the execution. Elfo of course is reluctant to do so, and gets even more nervous when Bean finally tells him what is in store for him. In his nervousness he accidentally cuts the ropes that hold Bean and Luci, freeing them. They try to escape via the beanstalk that brought them here, but it is already starting to disintegrate. Help arrives when they are rescued by the Griffin. The Griffin takes them part way home, but drops the three into the ocean when Elfo claims the Griffing can drop them anywhere. Luck is on their side again however as the El De Barge is near , and the captain gives them a ride home. However, in return, he makes Bean, Luci and Elfo clean the huge pile of dishes in the galley.


  • Wade Brody Sr. for some reason has red hair in this comic, while he was grey in the animated series.