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The Pitter-Patter of Little Feet is the fifth episode of season 2, Part 2 of Disenchantment and the 35th episode overall. It premiered on February 9, 2022.


After Freckles is brought to life by Sorcerer, the wooden puppet sets out to harm Zøg by outwitting and forming an alliance with Becky and Cloyd.


Becky and Cloyd are still fleeing through the forest and eventually arrive at a cave. There they find the compensator escape capsule. In which Bean and the others have arrived in Dreamland.

Becky gets in and Cloyd hits his head while starting the propeller and falls down. The capsule takes off and flies towards Dreamland. Bean watches the escape pod and gets a bow and arrow to shoot the pod. Somewhat out of control, the capsule flies over Dreamland Castle. Bean changes floors to get better shooting opportunities. She finds the perfect spot on top of the highest tower of Dreamland Castle. Luci lights her arrow and Elfo holds Bean by her belt. She shoots it. He hits the capsule and it explodes, falling into the water. They think they have killed Becky and Cloyd.

Becky and Cloyd stand unharmed in the cave, watching the escape pod crash and laughing insidiously. They have tricked Bean. Six owls and a seagull fly against the church bell, implying that it is a little later than 6 a.m. 06:45, the Harald announces. Bean watches him from the window sill, she meets Zog. He is impressed that she is up so early. They enter the throne room, Odval hands Bean a pitcher of beer. Zøg talks about finding his inner voice and his seductive voice again. Both try to sit on the royal throne at the same time. They don't quite agree on which of them is the ruler. They both decide to rule in equal parts. Suddenly Zøg sees Freckles on the royal throne. Obviously, he has missed him. Bean tries to wean Zøg off the puppet. Zog insults Sorcerio as a nonentity who is not as good as Freckles. Odval takes the doll away from Zøg and instructs Sorcero to throw it away. Bean lets Zøg be king for the day, casually mentioning that she killed Cloyd and Becky. In Sorcerio's Lab, Sorcerio throws the old woman's hands from the last episode through his garbage chute. When he tries to do it to Freckles, he Suddenly starts talking. Sorcerio thinks the voice is his conscience. He believes that if he brings Freckles to life, everyone will love him.

Sorcerio has Freckles pinned down on his dissecting table. The color of the image loses saturation. In the Omnicon, he reads up on how to do this. Jerry asks when he's going to get paid. But as it turns out, interns are not paid but beaten. With Jerry's help, a metal cap is placed on Freckle's head. Jerry and Sorcerio take cover. A lightning strike brings Freckles back to life. With a mean insult to Sorcerio, he takes his metal cap and throws it at Sorcerio's head. Freckles runs out of Sorcerio's Lab saying, "All right, who's next?". Which brands him as Evil. Freckles kicks open the door to the throne room with his foot. The saturation is back to normal. He asks Zog, Bean and Elfo to clap so he can perform his dance. Dancing, he walks towards them. Jerry, Sorcerio and Odval come rushing into the hall to capture Freckles. He jumps on Zøg 's lap and tells him that Sorcerio has brought to life. Bean can't believe it because she doesn't think he is a wizard. But Jerry can confirm the deed. As a reward, he gets a new star sticker for his cap and Zøg names him Grand Sorcerer of Dreamland. When asked for a raise, Zøg replies that he could also behead him. The whole thing is celebrated with a parade. Zøg wants Elfo to invite the other elves, because they all know each other. Elfo says yes, but finds the statement racist. He says that the elves have a top-secret midnight meeting and will sleep late tomorrow. Freckles doesn't think Zøg would miss the elves, mainly because of their high, annoying voice.

In the elf alley the elves are having their meeting. King Rulo tells the elves that they all know that Dreamland Castle is rightfully theirs and what is under it. Freckles tries to goad the elves by asking them why they are waiting and not just taking what they want. King Rulo denies this, because of the curse. And that when the royal øg line is broken, whoever controls the throne controls the special stuff. Freckles leaves the secret meeting. And sets out to break up Zøg and Bean by invading their dreams. He runs towards the castle. Bean, Elfo, Luci, Zøg and Freckles are in a carriage driving through Dreamland. Sorcerio is standing on the carriage and Odval is walking behind the carriage handing out flower blossoms. Sorcerio is happy about his recognition. In the carriage, Freckles makes mean remarks about Bean and her love life. His insults usually have a nautical flavor. He wants to end Bean's self-pity orgy with a roast to Zøg. He is thrilled and agrees. He makes a metaphor about a man being pelted by rocks in a pit. According to Bean, Zøg hates being mocked and the metaphor really happened. Zøg is being roasted at the Jittery. Miri is serving the guests. Freckles is on stage and makes a joke at Zog's expense. Only when Zøg laughs do the other guests dare to laugh. Freckles clears the stage for Elfo. Luci pushes Elfo onto the stage, after a few awkward starts, Elfo is interrupted by Luci. The two argue on stage as Elfo wants to finish his show. Luci lets Elfo continue his performance, only to interrupt him again. Luci makes two jokes about Zøg that don't make anyone laugh. Elfo boo's him, which Luci doesn't like. Because in his opinion, his gags are solid. Bean intervenes, she doesn't want Elfo and Luci to have their little fight on stage. When it gets too stupid for her, she wants to leave the stage. Elfo and Luci make fun of her name, since Bean is the name of a vegetable.

Zøg asks for a "Fat Joke" and touches a giant stone next to him. As previously revealed, Zøg throws stones at people he is unhappy with. Bean, Elfo and Luci spontaneously perform a crooked-sounding show. Cloyd and Becky knock on the window and Freckles answers them. He wants to meet them at midnight but wants them to make themselves small first. Freckles advises Zøg not to trust Bean anymore. Bean, Elfo and Luci's show comes to an end. Meanwhile, Cloyd and Becky go into the Ventriloquist Dummies Shop and come out as the two dolls from the window. Back at the Jittery, Freckles Zøg proves that Bean is predictable. By predicting her next four Steps. Jester thanks the audience that this is the best and first show he could ever finish. At the same time, Zøg throws the boulder at him and he crashes through the stage. The guests storm out of the Jittery. Luci and Elfo are thrown out of the window, presumably by Zøg. Back at the castle, Freckles wants to rummage around in Zog's past, but he has the motto: "I leave my brain alone, and it leaves me alone." But Freckles insists so he can find what he wants. Zøg lies down and Freckles sings him a spooky night song. Zøg falls asleep and Freckles closes his eyes too. Zøg wakes up and sees Freckles next to him, he is grateful that he woke him up. Because he had a nightmare. Freckles suggests a walk. Freckles says Zøg has nightmares because he suppresses his memories instead of sharing them with good friends, meaning himself.

When Zøg mentions his brother Yøg, they are suddenly standing in a room full of tools, toys and other junk. Zøg sees himself as a child and his brother Yøg building soapboxes together. Now he realizes that it is still a dream. His younger version in the dream and Yøg drive the carts through the corridors of the castle and finally out of the castle. They drive through Dreamland but the carriages have no brakes so they crash into a moving stand and some crates in an alley. The residents of Dreamland immediately take care of Yøg and help him out of the wreckage. No one helps the apparently more seriously injured Zøg. Zøg and Freckles are still in the dream, but back in the castle. In a music room never before mentioned or encountered, young Zøg sings to the tune of Ave Maria. He has talent. Young Zøg and the music teacher leave the music room together and suddenly Zøg and Freckles find themselves in the church of Dreamland. King Xøg says how perfect his son Yøg is and asks Zøg not to disappoint him today. Xøg, stubs out his cigar and puts his arm over Yøg's shoulders. They both leave the room. The sad Zøg, left alone, takes a drag from his father's half-brought cigar. In a deeper voice, he exhales. The smoke has damaged his lungs. As he recites his song, it sounds terrible. Lady Lingonberry demands the separation of his testicles. Some people in the church even hold up scissors. Zøg sees the situation again from his former point of view. In shock, he wakes up from his dream. He checks his testicles and decides never to fall asleep again, a promise he will break only a little later. He wants to find Bean, because he can't treat her the way his father treated him. Freckles doesn't seem to like that. Zøg goes into Bean's room, after a few unsuccessful attempts to wake her up, he claps and she wakes up. Bean asks what is going on. Zøg tells her that he had a nightmare, but not the one about the little bug-eyed fish people pulling him underwater. Bean wants to stay up with Zøg. After a short while, the two are fast asleep next to each other in Bean's bed. Freckles touches Zøg's nose and wakes him up. He mentions again that something about this castle makes dreams more intense. Zøg and Freckles walk up a stone staircase outside the castle, ending in a chasm over the water.

Zøg leans over the railing and sees his younger self again, apparently they are in a dream again. The teenage version of Zøg walks sorrowfully along the beach and accidentally kicks a seal caught in a net. He cuts the net and as the seal refuses to go into the sea, Zøg thinks he needs help, he takes off his cape and outerwear and rolls the seal into the water. Happily, the seal cheers him on. A mermaid appears, she thanks Zøg for helping her friend. But he didn't have to help her into the water because the seal would just be lazy. Zøg can't believe what he sees because he didn't believe that mermaids was real. The inhabitants of Dreamland become aware of Zøg and the mermaid and immediately want the "sea monster" dead. The mermaid takes his hand and dives underwater with him. Zøg wants to go back to the surface. She asks him to trust her. But Zøg says he is afraid of bubbles, frees his hand and swims back to the surface.  Sadly, the mermaid looks after him. Because Zøg has defeated the supposed monster, they want to build a statue for him.  From that day on, everyone in Dreamland knew Zøg only as "Zøg the Beast Slayer" But he himself was just lovesick and didn't kill a sea monster at all but only hugged a seal. Freckles seems to have a sudden realization about Zøg's statue. He is about to leave, then Bean appears and Freckles pushes Zøg down the slope, he can still hold on to the stone though. Bean and Zøg are in a dream together. She rushes to his rescue, but he is not afraid because this is a dream. Bean, however, believes this is real. Becky and Cloyd, still in their doll bodies, also appear in the dream. The stone under Bean's feet breaks off and she and Zøg fall into the depths, waking up tied together in Bean's bed. At the end of the bed sit doll Becky and doll Cloyd. Zøg utters a death threat.

Becky and Cloyd run out of Bean's room and Bean calls for Luci and Elfo, the two meet Becky and Cloyd on the stairs. The two are freed by Elfo and Luci. Bean gets the axe Zøg gave her for her sixteenth birthday. She wants to go after the dolls. Zøg is told to lock down the castle and get help, but not from Turbish and Mertz. As Odval watches the dolls run out of the castle, he asks Sorcerio if he has brought two more dolls to life. He can't remember because today is Margarita Monday. The two dolls run towards the statue of Zøg, where Freckles is waiting for them. He knocks on the walls of the statue to find an entrance. He finds it and opens the door to the inside of the statue. Cloyd closes the door behind him and all three climb down a ladder. At the same time Bean, Elfo and Luci arrive at the statue, she also opens the door. Derek watches them through a telescope and informs his mother. Oona doesn't have time right now because she is keelhauling. Bean, Elfo and Luci also climb down the long ladder, Elfo carrying a lantern. In the distance they hear Freckles laughing.

Through a broken wall decorated with elf symbols. Bean, Elfo and Luci get under the castle. Swords are lying everywhere, some of them are broken. The three pass a few tiny doors. In the dark they see the dolls running past, they chase after them. Zøg, together with Turbish and Mertz go through the dungeon of Dreamland, there they meet Stan. They arrive at three tunnels, Zøg gives the order to stay by his side. They all go into different tunnels. Under the castle, Bean just opens a tiny door that leads into a small corridor with more tiny doors. There they meet the puppets, who supposedly just came out of a room full of coins, which is not what they are looking for. Bean tries to hit Freckles with the axe, but misses. The dolls run away, Elfo and Luci close behind. Bean has some difficulty because of the tight space. Zøg, now also under the castle, also runs through a passage with small doors. There is also a statue of an elf there. Also chasing the dolls, Zøg breaks open a door and finds himself again in a small room. He realizes that this is not his castle. Bean tries to get through a small door, but she gets stuck. In front of her is the abyss. She tries in vain to free herself. Zøg calls for her. She calls for his help because she is stuck. Zøg hastily opens a door, Freckles trips him up and he falls into the water right in front of Bean.

Still trapped, Bean looks worriedly down at the water.

First Appereance[]

  • Zøg's first love, the mermaid.



  • Sorcerio's lab smells like rotting flesh and candy corn.
  • Sorcerio’s garbage chute end in the Trøg caves.
  • Signs in Dreamland: Happily ever after parade / Zøg Roast Tonight! Warning: Zøg in Attendance / The Jittery / Ventriloquist Dummies Haunted! Creepy! Unpleasant!
  • Old Man Touchy lost his eyes in one of Zøg and Yøg's races.
  • The background changes as they travel in the carriage through Dreamland not as in the other series, which often have the same background.
  • Yøg never speaks in Zøg's dream.
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