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The Simpsons is an American animated sit-com, created by Matt Groening, the same person who created Disenchantment. The series focuses on a middle class nuclear family, known as the Simpsons, comprised of the dim-witted alcoholic father, Homer, the hard-working, unappreciated housewife, Marge, their mischievous, troublemaking son, Bart, their wise, child prodigy daughter Lisa, and their quiet but clever baby daughter, Maggie.


The Simpsons references in Disenchantment[]

In For Whom the Pig Oinks, Bean, Luci and Prince Merkimer were in a wig store. On the shelf behind Bean and Luci, was a collection of wigs, that resembled the hairstyles of characters from Matt Groening's other two shows. The wig right behind Luci resembled the hairstyle of Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons. Also included, and more visibly, was the wig of Fry from Futurama.
In Our Bodies, Our Elves, the medicine guy tossed Bean a doll that had puffy blue hair, that made it look like Marge Simpson.

Disenchantment references in The Simpsons[]

In Treehouse of Horror XXIX story Intrustion of the Pod-Y Snatchers, Luci made a cameo smoking weed, atop the castle of Dreamland, during a hallucinogenic fever dream, had by Lisa, when she was getting brainwashed by Bart.
In I'm Dancing As Fat As I Can, Homer saw a picture of Disenchantment on Netflix, but instead of there being pictures of the characters, there were pictures of himself and Marge.
In 101 Mitigations, Comic Book Guy had plastic figurines of Bean, Elfo, and Luci, among all the other pieces of garbage in his room. Homer noted that this along with everything else was "a collection of stuff someone else threw away".

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