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The Stience of Homemade Lightning is the sixth episode of season 3 of Disenchantment and the 46th episode overall. It premiered on September 1, 2023.


In the forgotten city of Maru, Bean meets the Queen of the Crones, who encourages her to harness her new special power. Later, Elfo falls for a friend.


The balloon with King Zøg and Bean on board has drifted off to Maru. They are spotted by Emperor Cloyd and Becky the Enchantress (who are both still puppets following the events of "The Pitter-Patter of Little Feet"). They use their anti-balloon cannon to fire some Goons armed with knifes at the balloon in an attempt to bring it down. The first two Goons miss, and while the third one lands on the balloon, Zøg uses a hook on a pole to knock him off before he can do any damage. Unfortuantely, in the process Zøg ends up tearing the balloon himself with the hook, and the balloon crashes, just like Cloyd and Becky intended.

In Dreamland Elfo is starting to develop romantic feelings for Mop Girl now that he knows she is a half-Elf. Mop Girl admits she has no knowledge about what exctly she is, as she was abandoned in the Enchanted Forest as a baby. She is not interested in finding out more about her heritage, but Elfo keeps pushing her to make the most of her status as human/elf hybrid, like how she can united the various species living in Dreamland to fight Queen Dagmar.

In Maru, Zøg and Bean are cornered by a group of Goons, when a secret door opens behind them and they are saved by 2 old ladies. The ladies take them to Prudence, queen of the Crones. The Crones want Bean to save Maru, but first Prudence wants her arms back, which Bean still has with her. With her magic, Bean is able to reattach the arms to Prudence's body. Prudence ackknowledges Bean is strong, but her powers are unfocused. She also warns Bean she runs the risk of killing the one she loves. The Crones takes Bean and Zøg to an oasis within the city, which according to Prudence is the last part that remains of the old Maru before the Maru Royal House drained the land of all it's natural magic, and then tainted it further when they struck a deal with Satan for more power. To defeat Dagmar, Bean must first learn to control her powers and free Maru.

In Dreamland, Dagmar and Bad Bean keep looking for Bad Bean's missing head, while Elfo and Mop Girl meet up with Prince Merkimer, Bunty, Luci and Stan to discuss their next move. All of them are disappointed Elfo's time travel plan failed. They want to organize a revolution, but need a good leader first, and see no other way than democracy to find one. That night they organize a gathering in the woods attended by most of Dreamland's inhabitants, including the Elves, Trøgs and Fairies. However, Luci's speech does not inspire much hope, and the various groups can't get along enough to unite against Dagmar. With Elfo's encouragament, Mop Girl finally decides to step up as leader, and quickly gets everyone on her side after revealing her Elf-herritage.

In Maru, the Crones attempt to train Bean through various tests and obstacle courses, but Bean fails at all of them. Eventually Prudence gets fed up with Bean, calls her a failure, and has her locked outside the city gates just as a sandstorm is comming. Bean ends up trapped inside the eye of the storm, where she is attacked by sand-manifestations of all her old enemies. Bean finally finds the focus she needs, defeats all the enemies, and dispells th storm with her powers. Prudence is satisfied, and declares Bean is ready to save Maru. But first, she has to save Zøg, who is being abducted by Goons.

In Dreamland, Dagmar has found Bad Bean's head, but Vip and Vap attempt to escape with it. Dagmar captures them however, and has them locked up for their treachery.

In Maru, Bean sneaks in to the royal palace, killing several Goons along the way. She finds Zøg tied up above the stairway to hell, with Cloyd and Becky threatening to drop him in. The two try to convince Bean to join them and conquer both Maru and Dreamland together, but Bean refuses. Summoning her magic lightning, Bean shuts the hatch to the stairway for good, savind Zøg. She then throws Cloyd and Becky into the Oracle Fire, which sends them both straight to the throne room of Dreamland Castle where Dagmar had another Oracle Fire. After letting Dagmar know that she is still alive and coming for her, Bean uses her magic to extinguishe the Oracle Fire in both Maru and Dreamland. With the fire gone, the royal palace begins to collapse, while the natural magic returns and makes Maru once more the lush, green land it once was.

The Crones thank Bean for all she has done, and provide her and Zøg with a flying machine from Steamland to continue their journey. In Dreamland, Dagmar finally revives Bad Bean by reuniting her body and head. The first thing Bad Bean does is toss Cloyd and Becky into the fire place, killing them both.

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