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Trøg appearing in Bentwood castle

Trøgs are a subterranean sub-species of Elf living underneath Dreamland Castle, in a place called Trøgtown.


The main distinction of Trøgs from their Elven cousin are their black eyes, grey skin, and large nostrils and earholes. Trøgs thrive in dark environment and cannot bright light, hence their black eyes.

They have a tendency of grave robbing and store their pilfered valuables in a special storage room underground they call the Treasury Cave, along with other items they find during their rare visits to the surface (the stuffed body of former royal dwarf Voop being incidentally being one of these "treasures"). When they were first introduced, they were in league with Queen Dagmar whom they concluded was their "Savior" and thus followed her in cult-like fashion. They have hollowed-out passages all over Dreamland as well as inside the castle where there are several tunnels that allow them to circulate freely and discreetly. As the tunnels are only small enough for Trøgs and similarly-sized creatures, their existence has gone largely unnoticed by the citizens of Dreamland.

The Trøg's follow a religion/philosophy called Trøgentology which involves worshiping the moon, which they believe will grant them special powers when it is at it's highest. One of their holiest sights is the Pool of Reflection, a partially flooded and brightly lit crystal cave, where the Trøgs would go to ease their negative thoughts. According to Trixy, one of their goals is to entirely excavate The World just below the surface in order to make it completely hollow, something that they've apparently been doing for generations. The Trøgs also have an underground Fungus Forest, which allows them to make use of giant, glowing, psychedelic mushrooms they've dubbed Trøgs Logs as building materials for their underground structures, as well as for making cocktail umbrellas. While they are highly versatile as building materials, their spores induce a strong psychedelic effect than can apparently lead to memory loss over time. The Trøg's tunneling capabilities allow them to easily pilfer recently created graves during their daily tunneling duties, as demonstrated when they inadvertently rescue Zøg who was buried alive. They also store an unknown pinkish substance they call the Sacred Goo, which Bean observes Yugo and two other Trøgs placing in storage.

The Trøgs end up regarding Bean, Elfo, and Luci as their saviors. Although for reasons not fully explained, Bean, Elfo, and Luci being near a collection of large crystals causes the crystals to resonate in a way that highlights a symbol drawn above them. This apparently leads the Trøgs to believe that the trio are the saviors, much to the trio's confusion. Subsequently, the Trøgs then viewed Dagmar as an imposter posing as a savior and restrain her on Bean's command.

It is revealed that Elves can be transformed into Trogs through the consumption of a sacred Goo.

Known Trøgs:

  • Craig
  • Trixy
  • Yugo
  • Caresso the Massager
  • The Leader of the Trøgs


King Xøg’s father (and King Zøg’s grandfather) was also named Trøg, although he presumably wasn’t a Trøg. What connection he had to them, if any, is unknown.