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Trogtown dining hall

Trøgtown is the subterranean home of the Trøgs, located beneath Dreamland Castle.

Trøgtown is all underground, most of all it being a cave connecting to parts of the the Dreamland Castle’s Catacomb’s. These caves and tunnels go beneath the castle, throughout under dreamland and into the woods behind Dreamland towards the ocean. There is even a tunnel all the way to Steamland. The tunnels form a complex maze in which only the Trøgs and Queen Dagmar know their way around.

The Trøg’s are notable next-door neighbors to the inhabitants of Hell, and the Trøg’s are known for making use of any scraps that wash up the the surface or from hell.


Trogtown’s more notable parts include:

  • The Fungus Forest": a cave where psychedelic mushrooms are gathered and carved for various purposes, including construction work.
  • Mining pit number 3: a digging site where the Trøgs are trying to mine out the whole earth for unknown reasons. This collects large amounts of boulders, which they would later use to try and flatten Elfo.
  • Treasure cave: where they store items they looted from the world above, including the Eternity Pendant.
  • Moon Altar: Where they hold ceremonies to worship the moon.
  • Dining hall: Where midnight supper is served.
  • Sleep holes: Holes in the walls where the Trøgs sleep.
  • The Dungeon: where prisoners are locked up.

Finally, they have a gem pond where you are suppose to throw a stone in the water and say something you’re mad at.