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The Troll Circus Troupe are a traveling band of troll circus performers (and professional thieves) led by Grifto. The troupe pretended to be elves so they could steal Zog's riches under the false pretense of returning the money to the residents of Elf Alley. Though they were foiled by Luci, who switched the cash for chocolate coins because he realized they were not actually elves. Their fate was left unknown at the end of season 5.



  • Grifto has secret tunnels in Dreamland or just Luci's Inferno.
  • Like the Potato Thieves they both trick Bean.
  • Elastico's name has elastic in it which is a stretchy material.
  • Pyro's name means Fire.
  • Slapo's name has slap in it with is what he does to the beast.
  • Shelly's name is the only one who's name not ends with the letter O.