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Twinkle Town Insane Asylum is a mental institution in Twinkletown where King Zøg is transferred to at the end of Season 2 part 1.


The asylum is a tall, stone building surrounded by a high wall. There is a courtyard in the center.

Patients are locked up in bare cells with only a wooden bed to sleep on. They often have to share cells with each other. Anytime patients are left out of their cells, they have ropes attached to their ankles by which they can instantly be dragged back to their cells when needed.

There's the rubber room; a room where all the walls are padded with rubber, in which patients are locked up if they become agressive. Patients can also be subjected to electroshock therapy as punishment.

The staff of the asylum seems to be largely made up of (former) patients who are just as insane as the people they are supposed to cure.

Role in the series[]

The Cabinet of Dr. Chazzzzz[]

King Zøg is committed to the Twinkletown insane asylum due to his mental insanity. There he meets Chazzzzz again, who is also imprisoned there, but somehow always has free access. Chazzzzz shows Zøg his rooms. There he meets Giggles. The next day he has some sessions with the head doctor, Dr. Mulberry.

After some time, Zøg decides to escape. He digs himself a tunnel with the skull of Giggles' grandmother. When the orderlies of the asylum try to get him back but can't find him, they capture Big Jo instead.

Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment[]

Both Bean and Zøg end up in the asylum after crashing their flying machine on the way from Maru to Dreamland, after which they lose their way in a thick fog and end up at the Asylum's doorstep.

Zøg is locked up with Giggles again, and Bean has to share a cell with Big Jo. His time in the asylum has made him realize what a bully he was to others and he genuinely apologizes to Bean. When they are forced to attend group therapy sessions, Bean comes to realize that if she ever wants to stop Queen Dagmar, simply killing her may not be enough; she has to completely destroy her existance. After Bean stands up to Dr. Mulberry, he orders her to be given shock treatment. This however recharges Bean's magic lightning, and she uses this to help everyone escape the asylum.


  • After tacos, the inmates are free the roam the courtyard till lights-out.
  • After some group therapy sessions, there is free play in the courtyard until nap time.
  • After other group therapy sessions, there is graham crackers and grape juice at the end, then meditation time.
  • At lights-out, nap time and meditation time, all inmates are pulled back to their cells with ropes tied to their feet.


  • Dr. Chazzzzz
  • Dr. Fulton (Deceased)
  • Dr. Fenster (Deceased)
  • Dr. Mulberry (Dr. Bronson/Dr. Pullman)

Notable Inmates[]


  • In "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment", the name is changed to omit the "Insane", becoming just the Twinkletown Asylum. This may just be an oversight, or it could be that Dr. Mulberry changed it after saying "Insane Asylum" was outdated and derogatory.
  • In "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment", Big Jo has a room to himself, despite being taken into the asylum as a replacement for Zøg, which would mean he would share with Giggles.