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Ursula is a Selkie who lives in the Enchanted Forest. Although normally a bear, she has the ability to turn into a human woman by removing her bear skin. She briefly dated King Zøg of Dreamland, which later caused her to give birth to Jasper.

After once again meeting Zøg in the Enchanted Forest, she is captured by P.T. McGee and becomes a captive in his Freak Show.


Ursula looks like an ordinary brown bear when she wears her bear skin. In human form, she has blond and wild hair that covers her bare breasts. She also usually goes around naked in her human form but in Dreamland, she usually wears a blue off-shoulders dress.

Powers and Abilities[]

Being a Selkie, Ursula is a magical creature with her main power being the ability to turn into a large bear using a bearskin, reverting to her human form whenever she takes it off.




  • The name 'Ursula' is derived from a diminutive of the Latin "Ursa", which means "Bear", translating to "Little Bear".
  • Of the three women who bore Zøg's children, Ursula is the only one who is not royalty.