Vip and Vap
Vip and Vap are recurring characters in Disenchantment. They are members of the Dreamland Royal Court and attendants to King Zog.

They are primarily mute characters, although they were able to laugh, and they are possibly dwarves. They survived the fall of Dreamland, and they were briefly the only company of Zog until he got angry with them and they tried to leave overseas playing an ukelele. Zog threw a rock on their 'boat', presumably killing them but they survive on the back of Prince Merkimer.


They appear to be identical twins and wear identical outfits: a red hat with a blue ribbon, a red tunic, white tights and black shoes. They both have a serious expression on their face.


They are seen sleeping together naked in the same bed, so their relationship and background are a matter of speculation. They seem to appear from secret passages and holes whenever Zog needs them around the castle. They are seen removing the King's slippers before bed, and rolling up their sleeves when asked to escort Derek from the King's chamber. They carry the King's robe on special occasions (such as The Royal Ball). They have their own quarters accessible by two small doors outside the King's chambers.

They are identical and mute but Zog seems to have different feelings about each of them. When they left he said that "Vip and Vap... even Vap" betrayed him, and when he thought he killed them he seemed to be more distraught for the loss of Vip.

Episode Appearances


  • Vip and Vap resemble Akbar and Jeff, a couple of look alike characters from Matt Groenig's comic Life in Hell.
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