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Wade Brody Sr., usually just referred to as the Barge Captain, is captain of the Party Barge El De Barge and at least one other barge named Party Barge No 54. He is the father of Wade Brody Jr..

He appears as a somewhat stereotypical old sailor with gray hair and a serious look on his face.

He hosts Prince Merkimer's bachelor party in "For Whom the Pig Oinks" and appears again in "Love's Slimy Embrace" where his second barge is destroyed by Slimy. He himself is also eaten by Slimy at the end of the episode. It is revealed by Derek in "Darkness Falls" that Slimy died of rum poisoning by eating him.

He also appears in the comic "Disenchantment: Untold Tales Vol. 1" at the end of the The Magic Bean trilogy, which is chronologically set before "Love's Slimy Embrace". He gives Elfo, Bean and Luci a ride back home, but does not accept Bean's unlimited boat rides pass and insists she pays for the trip either by being keelhauled for the entertainment of his crew, or by doing the large pile of dishes in the galley. For unexplained reasons, he has red hair instead of grey in this story.


  • His boat's name, El De Barge (Literally translating to The Of Barge in Spanish) is a reference to the name of singer/songwriter El DeBarge.
  • He seems patronized when Luci used nautical references with him, saying that he knows more than just chowders, though he fails at naming other real soups.
  • He stated that, in comparison with only Prince Merkimer dying, most of his passengers die on his voyages, but that he does not advertise that fact.
  • In "Our Bodies, Our Elves", his son claims he and his dad grew apart when things turned ugly.