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Weirdo is a minor character in Disenchantment. He is a perverted elf. His voice actor is unknown.


Weirdo looks like a typical elf only with paler green skin, wispy hair and bags under his eyes. He wears a brown hat and blue outfit, and a creepy facial expression. He never speaks but only ever lets out a creepy giggle.


He is a peeping tom. In his first appearance he is peeping through the window when Elfo and Kissy are making out. He makes arousal sounds when he is found out. The Elf King's comment about him taking his pants off suggests he is a known pervert in Elfwood. All in all, he is a humorous side character. He makes several small appearances throughout the show, always spying on people. His last appearance in "Goodbye Bean" has him peep through the window of Elfo's room where Elfo and Miri are kissing.


Elfo: It's not like I'm some kind of weirdo— Hey, get out of here Weirdo!
Weirdo: Heh heh heh heh.

Elf King: Kissy, what in humping heavens is going on?!
Kissy: Nothing, father!
Elf King: Weirdo doesn't take his pants off for nothing!