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What to Expect When You're Expecting Parasites is the 16th episode of season 2, Part 2 of Disenchantment and the 36th episode overall. It premiered on February 9, 2022.


Bean, Elfo, Luci and Zøg discover the sea Trøgs, a new species of Trøgs that live in the sea of Dreamland. They want to give them parasites. With the help of Oona, all but Bean are saved. Bean is rescued by Mora.


We start at the end of the last episode. Bean is still stuck in the small door off the hillside. Bean calls for help. She recognizes Turbish above her. Stryker, who is with Turbish, jumps into the water with a mean remark to Turbish and sinks to the bottom. Elfo uses a pickaxe to free Bean. Luci tries with an axe. Elfo casually mentions that the years in the Butterscotch mine have paid off. The ground collapses under their feet and all three fall into the water.

They all fall into the water, when Luci realizes he has wings he uses them. Elfo grabs Luci's legs and Bean grabs Elfo's legs. Bean talks about a deal the three of them made. Either they all survive or none of them do. All three fall into the water.

Elfo is pulled underwater by something unknown. Luci is pulled under water next. Bean dives under and sees small trøg-like creatures underwater and starts screaming. In shock, Bean reappears. After a few seconds she dives under water again. She recognizes a light at the bottom of the water. On her way down, she swims past Missy's shipwreck. She arrives at a castle-like ruin. She swims into the castle. Inside the castle, she can breathe. She enters a small hallway with demolished elf sculptures. Bean sees a statue and assumes that Elfo has been turned to stone, she raves about him. Her sadness is interrupted by Elfo who asks her to keep it down. Elfo disguises himself as a statue and asks Bean to do the same. She won’t do it. The two look for Luci and Zøg. Luci's severed head rolled down a flight of stairs and landed at Bean's feet. Elfo makes a remark about Lucis nose, Lucis body appears. Luci instructs his body to hit Elfo, which Bean stops. They now go in search of Zøg. On the search Luci persuades Bean to scratch his belly. They find a large round room decorated with paintings of elves. Elfo and Bean wonder why a castle should be built underwater. Luci discovers the answer. The castle was not always underwater, it was an extension of Dreamland Castle. In the distance they hear Zøg screaming.

They run after the screams. They find Zøg surrounded by the water creatures. As it turns out, the water creatures do not want to kill Zøg. Zøg 's screams were screams of joy, because the creatures possess a huge amount of gold and jewels. Elfo immediately gets to work stuffing the gold coins into his shirt. Bean, Zøg, Elfo and Luci are greeted by King Dripo. The king of the sea Trøgs. When Zøg asks about the origin of the gold, King Dripo answers that they are gifts from the water. Zøg now knows that they have no idea that the jewels and gold coins are valuable.

The sea Trøgs have lived in the castle for ages. As it turns out, they mistook Zøg for a delicious walrus and therefore dragged him underwater, but they found out that he is the gold-face man on the coins. The sea Trøgs want to invite them as honorary guests for a special brunch in the afternoon. Bean wants to read the invitation, but Zog, dazzled by all the gold, gratefully accepts the invitation under the pretext that it would be rude to ignore the gullibility of the sea Trøgs. Zøg goes along with Dripo and Elfo continues to pocket coins and jewels. Bean, Elfo, Luci and Zøg are now sitting in a large high room with a huge glass dome on the ceiling. They are being served drinks. Zøg steals the cutlery, Bean tries to make him stop. In defense, he deflects and throws Elfo into the line of fire. Who also steals cutlery. He puts it in his pants. The cook serves them a fish that is still alive, his cousin Roger. Roger winks at Bean, prompting her to smuggle him out. in shock, she drops her plate, which breaks. Roger falls into a puddle on the ground, from which he escapes. The whole story here reminds Zøg of a story about how they stole Dreamland from the elves. Elfo and Bean react very angrily and shocked to this. Zøg always thought it was a fairy tale. That every king tells his future heir to the throne. Bean has now found out that they were the bad guys. Elfo threatens Zog with a mini fork. Zøg respects his death threats. Bean wanted to rule the kingdom with kindness and acceptance and wanted to be regarded as a cool queen.

King Dripo wants to invite them all to be present at the mating ritual. Zøg refuses, but Bean feels obliged to respect the culture of the sea Trøgs and accept their invitation. Bean also wants to invite the sea Trøgs to a mating ritual of them. She talks about the secret society. King Dripo politely declines. He mentions that they could not go to the surface because otherwise they would be immediately dried out by the sun. The mating ritual begins. The sea Trøgs perform a strange dance. They distribute gems to their visitors. Luci gets a ruby, Bean a pearl, Zøg an emerald and Elfo gets a sapphire. Zøg takes the sapphire away from Elfo. He also tries to take the pearl from Bean, the first time she stops his attempt but the second time they fight over the pearl and it rolls away. Bean follows the pearl, Luci, Zøg and Elfo remain seated. Bean follows the pearl down to the basement of the castle. There she meets the submerged Stryker. In his eyes you can see the veins turning red and a worm crawling out of his left eye. Frightened, she pushes the pearl into another room, following it this time as well.

In the damp room, Bean finds Sven and the other Land Vikings she sent tumbling down the trapdoor in Season 1 Episode 4: "Castle Party Massacre". They look decomposed and half-dead and are trapped in a tangle of some kind of vine. There are worms crawling around on his body. The Vikings were also invited to a mating ritual. Bean realizes that her friends and her dad are in serious trouble. She takes the pearl and runs back upstairs. Back, Bean finds Elfo, Zøg and Luci looking strange. They sit very still and talk funny. This is because Zøg wants to watch the mating ritual and return everything they stole. They were clearly infected. Bean is surrounded to the sea Trøgs, who all offer her a parasite. Bean covers her mouth, then her ears, then her crotch and falls to the floor. The sea Trøgs, Elfo, Luci and Zøg come closer.

Above them, on the water surface is Oona pirate ship. With the help of a telescope, Oona recognizes something in the water, she climbs down the ship's side and looks underwater. Down there she sees Bean, Elfo and the sea Trøgs trying to put the parasites into Bean. Back in the sea Trøgs’ castle, they all try to convince Bean that the worms are great. With a ship's anchor, Oona crashes down through the glass dome onto King Dripo. Bean brings Zøg, Elfo and Luci onto the anchor, but when the anchor is pulled back in, Elfo falls down. Bean jumps after him and successfully throws him back onto the anchor. Bean stays behind. Due to the large amount of water, Bean is pulled into the basement of the castle, she tried in vain to hold on to an elf statue. Oona's pirate crew brings Zøg, Elfo and Luci aboard the ship there, the worms crawl out of their ears, mouths and nostrils and dry up. Derek asks about Bean, who did not come on board with the others. Bean is in a corridor which is quickly filled with water. She calls for help. She is now completely underwater. She swims into a room with a door, but it does not open. She tries to break the round stained glass window of the room with her fists, but in vain. Bean has no more breath and slowly falls unconscious. Oona and the others are waiting on Oona's ship for Bean to show up. But all they see are bubbles rising from the bottom of the sea to the surface.

Bean's unconscious body floats up and down in the water-filled room. After a short time, the stained glass window showing a mermaid with a sword is broken by Mora. She sees Bean, takes her hand and swims ashore with her. There she lays the unconscious Bean in the sand and gives her a kiss. At the sight of the pirate ship, Mora kisses Bean goodbye and flees back into the water. Bean regains consciousness and notices the star necklace she once got from Mora around her neck. Happy, she lets herself fall back into the sand.

First Appearance[]

  • King Dripo
  • Rashi



  • In the shipwreck of Missy you can see a figure that looks like Zoidberg. A character from the series Futurama.
  • Elfo's pupils disappear briefly between 11:54 and 11:55.


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