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Who Shot Elfo? is the fifth episode of episode of season 3 of Disenchantment and the 45th episode overall. It premiered on September 1, 2023.


Tormented by the mystery of his death, Elfo takes an ill-advised trip to figure out who shot him. Meanwhile, Luci hides Bad Bean's head from Satan.


Elfo is still moping about what Queen Dagmar said in the previous episode. He fears she is right and that everything bad that is currently happening in Dreamland can ultimately be traced back to him getting shot and killed, since that set in motion the chain of events that led to Dagmar's revival. Mop Girl's attempts to cheer him up are not effective.

In Steamland, King Zøg and Bean are flying away in the stolen balloon. Zog gives Bean his blessing to start a relationship with Mora. Then Freckles reveals he was also in the balloon. He first tries to get on Zøg's good side again, but when Bean sees right through him, he pulls out a knife and threatens to slice the balloon open. While Freckles holds the balloon hostage, he gives Bean a tirade about how his life as a puppet sucks, and he wants to go back to Dreamland to be with his mother Dagmar, who apparently promised him the throne. Bean tricks Freckles into performing a victory dance, which ends with him getting his foot stuck in a rope, which Zøg then uses to jank Freckles off the balloon. Freckles falls into the ocean below, but since he is made of wood he stays afloat.

In Dreamland Castle, Luci is trying to find a good hiding spot for Bad Bean's head, while Dagmar orders Satan to find the head for her. After he has hidden the head, Luci finds Elfo and Mop Girl discussing Elfo's death, and offers Elfo a chance to finally find out who shot hiim and perhaps even stop it. He reveals the Crystal ball can not just show the past, but allow you to travel into the past. Mop Girl warns Elfo against messing with the past, but Elfo is intriqued by this chance and decides to go for it. He takes the ball and a bow and arrow, and heads for Elfwood.

In Steamland, Mora and the escaped freaks prepare to set sail for Dreamland with the Electrofish, but Mora forgets to close the hatch before diving and the submarine sinks. Everyone on board is able to get out in time, but they are now stranded in the ocean. Fortunately, Oona and her crew are nearby and offer them a ride in their ship (though they do plan to rob them while they're at it). During the trip back to Dreamland, Oona gets to know Ursula, and the two women get along well, bonding over what they like about Zøg.

When Elfo reaches Elfwood, he has the crystal ball take him back to the moment just before he was shot. It works, and Elfo finds himself back at the stand-off between Dreamland's soldiers and the Elves. When it looks like Sir Pendergast is reaching for his bow and arrow with the intend to shoot past-Elfo, Elfo grabs his own bow and arrow and tries to shoot Pendergast first. However, he misses and ends up shooting his past-self instead; Elfo is his own killer, thus establishing that his murder was a stable time loop and the past cannot be changed.

In the castle, Satan finds Luci and begins a casual conversation with him. Together they take walk to the old mental ward of the castle. When there, Satan attempt to hypnotize Luci. It seemingly works and Satan orders Luci to bring him to Bad Bean's head. Luci thus leads Satan to the room where Stan stores all the heads of the people he decapitates, and instructs Satan to climb up the shelves, stating the head of Bad Bean is at the very top. However, it turns out Luci was only faking being hypnotized and was leading Satan into a trap; once Satan is in the right place, Luci causes the shelves to collapse, burrying Satan underneath severed heads.

In the forest, Elfo returns back to the present and vows to never let anyone know about how much he screwed up. When he returns to the city, he runs into Mop Girl again. Elfo is in no mood to talk. He first tries to ditch her, and when that fails he lies his mission was a succes and that Pendergast was his killer. Mop Girl isn't buying it. She and Elfo retreat into a tower and have a good hearth to hearth, during which Elfo admits his failure, but Mop Girl convinces him there is no such thing as destiny and everybody determines their own fate. Both she and Elfo can be whatever they want. This finally cheers Elfo up, and to demonstrate he embraces this new look on life, he shatters the crystal ball. When Elfo and Mop Girl spend the night together in the tower, Elfo discovers Mop Girl is not human; under her long hair she has pointy ears, like an Elf.


  • When Elfo travels back in time, he passes through two winters, implying that two years have gone by in-universe between the events of "To Thine Own Elf Be True" and this episode.
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