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Whopbopalooza is a Disenchantment comic first published in "Disenchantment: Untold Tales Vol. 2". It is made up of two parts.


This story is after “The Dreamland Job” as Luci already owns his own tavern, but likely before “The Electric Princess” as Zøg is not descending into madness yet, or else at least before “Subterranean Homesick Blues” as Sir Pendergast is still alive.


Part 1: Love is blind[]

Elfo and Luci are organizing an evening of Speed Slap Dating to bring more customers into Luci’s inferno. Bean, who is also in the bar, ends up on the receiving end of being slapped by the patrons all night long. When she leaves, a blind man named Tyler bumps into her. Bean, who is still riled up from all the slapping, punches Tyler to the ground, but immediately regrets this and helps him back up. He forgives her and asks if he can escort Bean home. He proves himself to be quite the gentleman and Bean actually likes him since Tyler sees her for who she actually is and not just as a princess. She hides her true identity from him and introduces herself as Beatrice.

Elfo and Luci look back on a great evening, but Elfo reminds Luci that they will soon have to come up with something new. Luci agrees and shows Elfo a secret boxing ring hidden under the tavern where they can organize fights called Battle Guide. Meanwhile, in Dreamland Castle, Zøg is bored with his life as king and decides he needs some adventure, like Oona. He starts by asking Pendergast to help him get back into shape. A long training follows.

On the first night of Battle Guild, Luci forces Elfo to enter the ring and fight anyone that challenges him. Nevertheless, Battle Guild is a great success. Elfo is easily beaten by the first volunteer. Bean meanwhile keeps dating Tyler who truly cares about her and her safety, and Zøg keeps training. Then Zøg hears about Battle Guild, and secretly decides to participate as a masked fighter named The Masked Mauler.

Part 2: A Zøg in the fight.[]

Odval reads about Battle Guild in the Dreamland Dispatch and warns Zøg about this illegal activity, but Zøg is unwilling to put a stop to it as he is having too much fun as The Masked Mauler. Bean meanwhile is growing tired of Tyler’s overprotectiveness of her, but she can’t bring herself to dump him. She tries to write him a letter in which she admits who she actually is and that they better go their own ways, but forgets Tyler cannot read as he is blind. Bean thus burns the letter and keeps the relationship going.

Luci meanwhile wants to take Battle Guild to the next level he calls Whopbopalooza, where they will no longer keep the guild a secret but invite everybody for a battle for the title of Ultimate Battle Champion. The fight is held outside Dreamland Castle, and attracts a large number of fighers like One-Armed Rick, Nimble Jack, Pops Mulberry, Brother Josiah, Catapult, Buffo the Elf, Farmer Jane, Reversi the wizard and Brad the Butcher. After many rounds, only Brad is still standing and has to face The Masked Mauler. Before the fight begins, Luci unmasks the Masked Mauler and reveals to everyone he is King Zøg. This backfires however as Brad is unwilling to fight the king out of fear that, even if he wins fair, Zøg will retaliate in some way, which in turn angers the crowd. Elfo quickly gives everyone their money back to prevent a riot. Brad is declared winner.

Tyler shows up again and Bean finally breaks up with him. When he won’t take no for an answer, Bean reveals who she actually is, and Zøg beats Tyler up for dating the princess without royal permission. As they return to the castle, Luci comes up with the next big promotion for his tavern; Elf Bowling. Zøg eagerly agrees.