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You're the Bean is the second episode of season 2, Part 1 of Disenchantment and the twenty-second episode overall. It premiered on January 15, 2021.


As Zøg attempts to escape a harrowing situation, Derek discovers a book that implies his family is cursed. Bean hatches a plan to escape from Trøgtown.


Zøg has been buried alive on the Pauper's graveyard. He screams for help, but nobody hears him. He hopes that Sir Turbish and Sir Mertz where in on Pendergast's plan and will come to save him, but this is idle hope as the two men have forgotten all about Zøg (and, as it turns out, the birthday of Mertz's mom). He then lights a cigar to help him think of a way to escape, only to realize the smoke has nowhere to go.

In Trøgtown, Bean flees in panic from Dagmar's room after having witnessed her eating Yugo's brain. She, Elfo and Luci try to escape, but keep running into Dagmar over and over. Ultimately, they run into the dungeon and are locked up. Dagmar finally admits that her pretending to love Bean throughout the previous episode was all an act. After Dagmar leaves, the prisoners discover that Leavo is also imprisoned in the dungeon. He tells them how he got imprisoned, though the viewer only gets to hear the last part, which involved the Trøgs finding him rummaging around their treasures. And apparently it was Dagmar who ordered to have him locked up; something the Trøgs complied with since they adore Dagmar for some reason. Then Trixy arrives with a cake, which she claims contains something to help Elfo escape, but it turns out to be just a drawing of her her nude. Bean notices Hencho, the Trøg that led Trixy in, is standing just outside the door of the cell and captures him, after which Elfo and Luci knock him out and take the keys of the door from him. However, Leavo declines the opportunity to escape with the others, as he has a mission to complete here; find the lost kingdom of the Elves.

In Dreamland Castle, the Arch-Druidess mentions to Odval they found a Zøg lookalike (actually a walrus), which they hope to use for the next phase of their plan. When Derek shows up and asks to be let into Zogs room to bring his father soup, they let him, and to their delight Derek falls for the fake Zøg. odval then returns Derek to his own room, where Derek locks himself inside. After reflecting on how things are going downhill for him, with Bean being dead and Zøg about to die, Derek hides under his bed. There he finds a book that Zøg left for him there, with a note that claims this book helped Zøg back when he was a scared boy hiding under his bed. The book turns out to be a log about the House of Grunkwitz. When Derek reads the book however, he notices the last pages have mostly been torn out, and what little of the pages remains implies there is a curse. Then Odval comes in and forces Derek to stop reading. Odval takes him to the Arch-Druidess, who tells Derek the book is lying and there is no curse. However, she and Odval are not happy about the missing pages as they fear it might indicate someone else is plotting without them.

In Trøgtown, Bean, Luci and Elfo are still lost, but Bean has an idea. They go to Dagmar's room. While Elfo distracts Dagmar by pretending to be Caresso, having come to give Dagmar her evening massage, Bean steals some of Dagmar's clothes and disguises herself as Dagmar.

As all of this is going on, Zøg is still imprisoned in his coffin. He slowly begins to lose his sanity as his imprisonment continues. But just as his air runs out and he is about to die, his coffin is opened from underneath. There's a Trøgtunnel under the graveyard, and through it the Trøgs are robbing the graves. Zøg thinks he died and is in hell, and tries to escape in a mine cart. The cart takes him deeper into Trøgtown. In Dagmar's room, Elfo finishes the massage and Dagmar admits she knew it was him the whole time. Bean meanwhile has completed her Dagmar disguise and tries to get the Trøgs to show her the way out of Trøgtown, but she is having trouble to also act the part. Just as is seems her act works, the real Dagmar shows up. Both Bean and Dagmar try to convince the Trøgs that they are the real Dagmar (and seize the opportunity to insult each other while they're at it). Bean eventually wins and the Trøgs capture Dagmar, believing her to be the imposter, but then Zøg stumbles into the room and Bean happily embraces him, thus giving away that she is the fake Dagmar.

Dagmar orders for Bean to be locked up again, and for Elfo and Luci to be thrown into the lava pit. Bean tries to fight them off, and in the struggle ends up in front of a large crystal that acts as a magnifying glass. When the Trøgs notice Bean's magnified face resembles a symbol on the wall, they declare her to be their legendary saviour; something Dagmar previously claimed to be. This puts Bean back in control of the situation, and she orders the Trøgs to capture Dagmar. Dagmar asks Bean if she can at least have her crown back, but when Bean complies, the crown unleashes magical black lightning and Dagmar teleports away. Bean is angered that Dagmar tricked her again, but at least she, her friends and her father can now leave Trøgtown. They leave Trøgtown through Zøg's grave in the Pauper's graveyard, which is seen by Odval in Dreamland castle. He tells the Arch-Druidess they have a problem.


Bean (as Dagmar): "Why, I was just gliding about, thinking of something devilishly evil to do. But it's so dreadfully gloomy down here. You know what would be really ever so fun? If we go up to the surface and do something evil up there. But I can't seem to remember how to find the stairs or the ladder or whatever we usually use to get up there. [chuckles] You'd think with all the brains I eat, I wouldn't be so forgetful. [chuckles]"
Luci: "[laughs] Wrap it up."
Bean (as Dagmar): "So could one of you be a dearie and, uh, show me the way up?"
Trøg: "Okie dokie, Your Highness."
Bean: "[in normal voice] It's working. Maybe I am a lot like my mother. [imitating Dagmar] Thank you, suck-up."
Luci: "Where are you trying to be from? I'm sorry, I can't place that accent."
Trøg: "All right, let's go."
Bean: "[in normal voice] We can't leave without Elfo. [imitating Dagmar] Now, where is that little green bugger?"
Dagmar: "He's right here."
Elfo: "Bean, I love your new look."
Dagmar: "She's an impostor. I am the real Dagmar."
Bean: "She's lying. [imitating Dagmar] I'm obviously the real Dagmar, you twits!"
Dagmar: "I don't sound like that."
Bean: "I don't sound like that."
Dagmar: "Do I?"
Bean: "Do I?"
Dagmar: "That imitation is terrible."
Bean: "Oh, you're terrible."
Dagmar: "How dare you, Bean!"
Bean: "How dare you, Bean!"
Dagmar: "No, you're Bean."
Bean: "Who's Bean? I'm Dagmar. You're the Bean."
Dagmar: "Bean's the worst."
Bean: "Bean's the worst."
Dagmar: "Bean's the worst."
Bean: "Bean is the worst."
Dagmar: "Well, no makeup could cover up those freckles, darling, so..."
Bean: "Well, you've still got brain goo on your mouth."
Dagmar: "Ridiculous accent."
Bean: "You're the Bean."
Trøg: "I am so confused right now."
Dagmar: "You're a disappointment of a daughter."
Bean: "Oh yeah? Well, I'm your mother and I have to love you. But I don't like you, darling."
Dagmar: "When you were little I tried to poison your father, but I should have poisoned you instead, because all you do is mess things up."
Bean: "I didn't even want a child. I just had you to fulfil a prophecy, and now I'm a jealous, manipulative mess because you won't do what I say! Ow!"
Dagmar: "At least I know how to complete something, unlike my daughter, who never finished anything in her life other than a pint of beer!"
Trøg #1: "I'm not sure how this is helping."
Trøg #2: "They're just being really hurtful."
Bean: "If I weren't the real Dagmar, would I say this?"
Bean: "I never loved you."

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